When you say you feel blue, you’re sad. But in interior design, blue calms you. This contrasting effect was what made it hard for me to choose which one’s the best version of the hue blue because the two signify intimacy with oneself, and each of them is just as important as the other– both sadness and calmness. Although one seems negative and the other positive, there’s an invisible string connecting them together. I say “seems” because sadness, once you let it in, leads you to a crazy ride of self-discovery and for some, even medication. And when it finally passes because you’ve discovered the pearl hidden in depths, calmness settles. After careful thinking, I ended up with the latter. Why? Because though blue speaks of many conflicting emotions, in the end, its greatest contribution for interiors is to calm our roaring hearts. Just like looking at the sky and the sea, it can bring peace of mind.

Blue is the world’s favorite color. According to a series of surveys held across four continents, a high percentage of respondents favored blue. Probably for the same reason I just stated. But each shade of blue, just like any other color, can mean a different thing. Darker shades imply aloofness and lack of emotion, lighter ones, on the other hand, suggest serenity, creativity, and dependability. Popular brands and companies like Samsung, PayPal, and Facebook have blue logos because it is said to promote customer loyalty. The 2.27 billion monthly active Facebook users would agree. But really, the best thing about the hue blue is it can easily be mixed with other colors.

Things That Remind Me of Blue

Blue, a.k.a. things that remind me to slow down and just breathe. The hue blue can mean different things to different people but for me, when I think of blue, I see…

Let it B: Best Version of Hue BLUE
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The Sapphire Blue Ocean

I see myself drowning in the sea of screaming fans on the day my favorite boy band came back to the Philippines. The arena was covered in blue lights and it was the most magical thing I’ve ever laid my eyes on. It was just a momentary breather from this complicated world but it was worth it. Although it was loud and I could barely hear my own voice, my heart was still, the noise was a lullaby. For a moment there, I was excited and calm at the same time. I even felt like crying.


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This is the closest thing we can get to escape once we’re home. Imagine yourself in warm and lush bubbles while your favorite tune is playing in the background. For an hour or two – or maybe even three, you can relax and shut off the outside world. I hope you find someone or something that thrills and soothes your tired heart, body, and mind. I hope you find the beauty in ephemeral escapes. In knowing that somehow you can be somewhere far away and not care about how the world turns, I hope you let yourself dive in.

Let it B: Best Version of Hue BLUE
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James Sullivan

I remember crying my heart out in the middle of the night during that saddest scene where Boo finished counting to three and the cabinet that was once filled with good friends turned out empty. There would be times when we let our inner Boo’s out, lost and clumsy, and during that season I hope we all find our Kitty who will be our guide home and just be a friend. To be calm knowing that you are in good hands and that someone’s got your back and will never ever leave (unless needed), I hope everyone gets to find it in this lifetime. We all deserve a friend like that.


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This room screams comfort and calmness. The kind where you can be completely yourself, without the make-up and fancy clothes. Come home to this warm bedding and pillows surrounded by the blue walls and sleep deeply and safely.

Let it B: Best Version of Hue BLUE
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My Mom’s Worn-out Jeans

That one I wore on my creative shot a year or so ago. I have always wanted to wear something that belonged to my parents on my graduation picture, as a thank you. The road to that day was very rocky but I always felt I had their strong shoulders for me to rest on whenever I felt the weight of the world upon me, that’s what pushed me to go on. In their arms, I found comfort. And it’s only fitting to bring something that reminds me of them in such a milestone.


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All of us were once children and we know we’ll always come running back to those times, just like this living room filled with happy memories. May we find serenity in the simplest things, even if they’re old. May they always bring us calmness to know that though the world has changed, some things stay the same. This calmness is vital. The kind that is familiar and comfortable. The kind that feels like home.

Let it B: Best Version of Hue BLUE
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Clear Sky

Nothing says inner peace as a clear sky could. In the midst of a taxing day, we must find the calmness under pressure. I always stare blankly at the sky whenever anything good or bad is happening. And just like that, the turmoil in my heart goes away for a moment. It pacifies the voices in my head.


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This room is perfect for me times. Bring the sky to your room, or at least make space for a window that gives you the perfect view of the day and night sky while meditating.

In the midst of a fast-paced, mostly chaotic world, we need to slow down and calm ourselves so that we won’t burn the candle at both ends. Realize that the world turns just fine without you running. May we always find the calmness before, during, and after the storm.

Which one appeals to you the most? Choose your best version of the hue blue and bring it to your home.



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