Love love love the textured industrial cement finish but not exactly sure how to style it? Yeah, I know. I see a lot of these fancy boutique hotels and seaside resorts totally rock this aesthetic. But, when I apply it in my home’s interiors, how come my house just looks like it’s still in the middle of construction? No worries. Have you ever considered doing a colorful concrete look for your walls? Let’s paint the Konstrukt Lunar Series Kanyon finish with a splash of color to make any living space look totally put together!

Konstrukt Lunar Series Kanyon

Konstrukt Lunar Series: A Guide to the Kanyon Finish | MyBoysen

Konstrukt Lunar Series finishes can be achieved by just using the standard Konstrukt products like its renders and skimcoats. These are the items usually used to make sure that the concrete surface is smooth and free from any imperfections that might show once you apply your latex paint topcoat.

Now in case you forgot, this ☝ is what the Kanyon finish looks like up close. It’s the most textured finish out of all the available design options under Konstrukt Lunar Series. Its interwoven network of deep crevices make it the perfect type of textured finish to be painted over. You can still see its moon-like texture even from afar!

House on a Hill

Dreaming of a mountain cottage with a view of lush green hills? Same here. But while we’re still saving up for our dream retirement home, get a glimpse of the countryside by painting your Kanyon finish with the color Mountain Meadow from our Boysen Color Palette.

Cozy Cafe Vibes

A lot of us have started to learn how to make our own brews at home thanks to the pandemic. Don’t let the chill cafe vibe end there. Combine the rustic aesthetic of the Kanyon finish with the unexpected pop of an orange topcoat to seal the deal. We used the color Flickering Flame here.

Over the Moon

Still want that authentic industrial look but not sure on the raw cement color? Paint over the Kanyon finish with a dark gray shade of paint like Billowing Smoke. It maintains the cool, modern look of the textured finish while making sure it still looks as sleek as possible.

Some Final Thoughts

Not sold on our suggested color selections? No problem! You can use any water-based latex topcoat and in any color to paint over the Konstrukt Lunar Series Kanyon finish. The colors we chose above are all from our Boysen Color Palette collection. Download our app to view our digital swatches or head on over to our website to get your very own fandeck! Just a reminder though, while painting itself can be done DIY, the finishes of Konstrukt Lunar Series should be done by a seasoned professional.

Do you have any other questions about Konstrukt Lunar Series? Any suggestions on future articles you’d want us to write? Send us an email at to let us know! We’re always happy to help! And if you do any of these finishes at home, send us a picture on our Instagram or Facebook account! Happy painting!


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