As interior design styles like Scandinavian and Japandi retain their top spot in the popularity rankings, so do the colors that they come with—beige included. Previously perceived as a drab and bland color, beige is nowadays a pretty chic hue. From fashion to interior design, neutrals are very much in. Vogue’s list of trendy colors for fall 2022 even included what they called “Vanilla-Latte Beige.”

Let’s take a closer look at this sought-after hue and how you can make it work in your home.

Getting to Know Beige

Trendy and Enduring Neutrals: What to Love About Beige | MyBoysen

Beige is a pale or light brown. It ranges from deeper shades of cream and lighter shades of tan. It is a neutral color just like whites, grays, and blacks. Because of this, it’s a relatively easy color to pair with others and is an approachable hue for those new to home decorating.

Not loud or imposing, beige is a humble color. It is warm and inviting, providing a sense of comfort and ease to a room. When thoughtfully used, it can also create a sophisticated and chic space. Find examples below!

Beige for Your Home

Trendy and Enduring Neutrals: What to Love About Beige | MyBoysen

If you’re looking for that maaliwalas feel but find white too harsh, beige is the answer. As stated earlier, it’s a staple in Scandinavian, Japandi, and even Korean-style interiors. Even the newcomer of interior trends, the Coastal Grandmother aesthetic, has beige in its palette. All of these design styles create rooms that feel light and airy while remaining cozy and, more often than not, elegantly minimalist.

Trendy and Enduring Neutrals: What to Love About Beige | MyBoysen

To keep things interesting, spaces with a lot of neutrals like beige benefit from having a variety of natural textures and elements also in the room. For furniture, consider warm wood tones and organic materials. For example, see if local furniture made from cane and rattan fits your home! These give your room depth and help avoid a room that feels “flat” or “boring.” A bit of greenery with indoor plants (be it natural or faux—we don’t judge!) doesn’t hurt too.

Boysen Paint Colors in Beige Shades

Ready to explore your beige options? Here are some Boysen paint colors in beige shades we handpicked for you.

Trendy and Enduring Neutrals: What to Love About Beige | MyBoysen

The paint colors above are available via Boysen Mix and Match stations (find a list of locations here). Just be sure to check the swatch of your chosen hue in person as colors can appear differently when viewed through a mobile screen.

These aren’t all of Boysen’s beige paint color options either. Check out The Color Library by Boysen, a unique concept store where you can browse over 1,000 Boysen paint colors in person. There’s a whole wall dedicated to neutrals too.

The Color Library

See all the ways you can look through our paint color collection here: Your Paint Color Options: 5 Ways to Browse Boysen Paint Colors.

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