Sometimes all you want for your walls is for it to be a color to match your #aesthetic goals. Neutral paint colors are the perfect backdrops for showing off your carefully chosen furniture and décor. They’re simple but elegant and understated but chic. Take your pick from these Boysen paint colors.

Note: If you take a liking to any of the wall colors in the rooms below, they’re available as Boysen paints. Head to your nearest Boysen Mix and Match station to have a batch mixed. Just make sure to ask to see the color in person beforehand as digital renditions may differ from the actual swatch.

Shell Tint

Small spaces like condo units benefit from light colored walls as it can make the area feel brighter and bigger. This is because light colors reflect more light compared to darker colors that absorb it. For those on #TeamPuti who prefer to have white on their walls, Shell Tint as a paint color is a great option.


To those who find white walls too harsh but still would like a neutral color, consider shades of brown. Browns, being a warmer hue, are cozier and more inviting. A trendy color among interior designers as well, earth tones like brown can create calming sanctuaries amidst our busy and hectic modern lives. Brown is also a grounding color associated with stability. In a room with this color on the walls, one feels a sense of safety and security.

White Lightning

Here’s a skin tone color that brings even more warmth to a room. #TeamKahoy aficionados, and even fans of Scandinavian interiors, will find paint color White Lightning fits well with their preferred aesthetic. We at Let It B also have a love for skin tone hues. Check out our blog post dedicated to them and a selection of even more shades for you to choose from: If You Don’t Like White, Try Skin Tones.

Barely White

Barely White is the subtlest of grays. A lighter shade of gray can substitute whites and create a wall with more depth and visual interest. Being a color that neither leans heavily warm nor cool, it is also able to complement an array of hues. It blends in with the space and is able to give it a chic and sophisticated feel, wouldn’t you agree?

Sacred Spring

Get a bit more daring with a gray that’s a little more noticeable. If you’re concerned about the space turning dark or gloomy because of it, there’s no need to worry. Sacred Spring is still a paint color that can give you that maaliwalas look. Pair it with furniture in light tones and wooden finishes. Then, add greenery to breathe life into the room.

Prismatic Pearl

Go Scandinavian with off-white walls and midcentury modern furniture. Simple, clean lines of functional and beautifully-made home pieces speak for themselves. Prop them against a wall color that brings them together, such as Prismatic Pearl. Find more hues like this here: Scandinavian Inspirations in The Color Library and Hygge Hues for Your Home.

Mossy Shade and Sugar Dust
BCP-0195 and BCP-0011

How about a combination of a few neutrals? Take inspo from this home and paint your interiors in subtly different shades. Mossy Shade (on the main walls of this living room) and Sugar Dust (the lighter color found on the rightmost) complement the personality of this charming space and its rich-colored furniture and floors.

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Jill is a writer on a continuous journey to learn about paint and share them with you, the reader. She has an interest in the technical side of things but also thoroughly enjoys playing with colors. She likes calm greens, quiet blues, and mellow yellows best.

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