How open are you to bringing brown into your home? I ask because, according to interior designers, you may be seeing a lot of it this year. This news can come as a bit of a surprise for some as brown isn’t the first hue that comes to mind when there’s talk of “trendy” colors for the home. However, per the designers interviewed by Vogue, brown is this and more. Here’s why:

A Color for the Times

Brown: The Color That Will be Taking Over Homes in 2022? | MyBoysen

Brown is the color of the earth. It’s grounding. It’s a color associated with stability and dependability—much like the trunks of trees and strong, sturdy wood. In a room with brown, one feels a sense of safety and security. And, isn’t that what we craved the most during the most uncertain and challenging days of the pandemic?

Interior designer Mark D. Sikes told Vogue, “Everyone is wanting to feel close to and comforted by the earth, whether it’s an organic brown linen for a family room sofa or a rich chocolate silk velvet on bergères for a living room.”

When things get overwhelming, there is refuge and retreat in nature. It makes sense then that we’re starting to embrace more shades of brown, the color of the soil, into our lives. After all, we’ve already brought all the greenery we can indoors, right plantitas and plantitos?

An Alternative to White

Brown: The Color That Will be Taking Over Homes in 2022? | MyBoysen

Scandinavian and #TeamPuti homes were already popular even before the pandemic. And the people’s love for white and minimalist interiors is still going strong. There is still a clamor for spaces that feel light, airy, and more spacious than they actually are. They’re great after spending a workday in the chaos and noise of the metropolis.

However, there are those of us whose preferences have been affected by being surrounded by white walls throughout the long stay-at-home months. It can easily feel too harsh and bright. Interior designer Fawn Chang explained the effect in her Color Confidence course, “White, unchecked by warmth, can become cold and harsh, rigid, over-energizing, and depleting.” So, enter browns.

Browns, being a warmer color, are cozier and more inviting. Moreover, especially in lighter shades, brown is still very much a neutral color. It makes for a great alternative to white if you’re still looking for that maaliwalas feel but with a dash of coziness. Lotta Lundaas, Founder and CEO of Norse Interiors, called these the “calming earthy tones you would find in the desert, like sand, subtle shades of brown, and burnt tones,” in a Forbes article on 2022 home design trends.

Let It B has a blog post dedicated to our love of these browns that are “skin tones” and replacements for white. Check it out here: If You Don’t Like White, Try Skin Tones.

Bringing Brown Back

Brown: The Color That Will be Taking Over Homes in 2022?

“All shades of brown are back, from deep rich chocolates to elegant caramels for both walls, curtains and upholstery. And they go with everything from primary colors to jewel tones and other neutrals,” interior designer Danielle Colding told Vogue.

To put it simply, don’t be afraid to play around and express yourself. Light and subtle browns in beige and tan make great neutrals and pair with a wide range of colors. Those in #TeamIndustrial might take a liking to deeper browns as they look good combined with exposed structural elements as well as metal, brick, wood, and concrete.

Ready to try brown? See and hold an array of brown swatches in person at The Color Library by Boysen. At the concept store, paint can be mixed in-store and in small containers, so you can test out plenty of colors first before finally committing to one. The Color Library by Boysen is located a few steps from IKEA at MOA Square, SM Mall of Asia Complex, Pasay City.

(Note: Not all the paint colors seen in the visuals and color swatches above are found at The Color Library. Instead, you can also head to your nearest Boysen Mix and Match station. See a list of locations here.)

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