Still another interior design trend called Avant Basic is currently making waves. It started out as the It Girls’ favorite fashion style in 2021, which spilled over into interior design.


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Swirly dresses, mad prints, floral knits—this style is not afraid of colors or patterns. It’s FOMO. It’s a mix of cuts, shapes, styles, generational influences. It’s vintage or not. It’s mixing patterns or not. It’s definitely bright and quirky color combinations though. Those who want to dress like this can only try because influencers constantly change the rules.

The Avant Basic fashion style creates micro-trends like retro revival or Y2K. This means that Avant Basic fashion is fast fashion, and Shein is one of those that feed the need for wanting to keep up with trends with their very low prices. We all know it is not sustainable. Why? Because the fashion style Avant Basic changes so quickly and the materials used by fast fashion brands, more often that not, are not durable enough for several years of wear.

Avant Basic in Interior Design

Avant Basic interior design came about because of the effect of the pandemic on Gen Z. When it seemed like the world was spinning out of control, the need for self-expression took precedence.

Avant Basic is maximalist through and through. This is an 180 degree turn from Scandi, Japandi, and the Marie Kondo philosophy of decluttering and tidying up.

Unlike fast fashion, Gen Z’s strong concern for sustainability influences the Avant Basic interior design. Here are some of the features of this design style.

1. Pastels and Bright Colors

The Bubble Gum Jelly Bean Pastel Colors In Fashion and Interiors

Obviously, there’s nothing minimalist about this design style. It goes for pastels and bright colors. Mixing and matching the colors are a matter of personal taste. However, Boysen can help with this one because we have thousands of paint colors. Check out the colors and color palettes in the following blog posts.

2. Vintage Furniture

I can’t believe that furniture from 20 years ago is considered vintage! So we’re talking here about furniture manufacture in late 90s and early 2000. But there you go, time does march on.

The world still loves mid-century furniture and so do I. I guess now we would call those antiques. Let’s not forget our homegrown antique furniture like those made from hard wood. Think butaca chairs, dulang tables, art deco round tables, altar tables, pillow racks, book shelves, etc. Then we have those furniture made of rattan and wicker or solihiya.

If you have the chance to get your hands on sustainable furniture, as opposed to fast furniture, then go for it.

3. 60s and 70s Kitsch

There’s a love for the 60s and 70s kitsch like psychedelic patterns, bright colors, pop art, kaleidoscopic patterns, hippie motifs.

This makes me want to channel the good vibes of MAKE LOVE, NOT WAR that was prevalent during that period. We need it now too.

Times have really changed. CBD oil from the marijuana plant is now considered in some places as a natural remedy for some ailments. Vinyl records and turntable record players may be a young person’s idea of cool. Disco balls can be must haves, even as hanging planter pots.

The essence of Avant Basic interior design centers around expressing an individual’s unique tastes.

Final Thoughts

Avant Basic Design Trend | MyBoysen

What draws me to this interior design style is the willingness to discover and experiment with what works well for the homeowner.

This kind of self-knowing and the openness to create something unique are perhaps ways to help create balance in a world that is steeped in bureaucracy, rules, and dogma.

The striving for this kind of freedom of playful self-expression is a sign of the times, and shows a boldness to create a world that is beautiful to a new generation. We all can learn from it.

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