There’s no stopping the company’s longest running interactive booth: Boysen Color Play! 

2017 saw the launch of the very first Boysen Color Play booth, and as of this writing, it still never ceases to put smiles on everyone, young and young at heart, whenever they hold their brushes and paint on little wooden forms in whichever way they want.

In January this year, the fun traveled to Visayas to join the festivities of Dinagyang.

Ilonggos Get the Chance to Play with Colors as Boysen Color Play Joins Dinagyang

Dinagyang Festival has always been one of the most-awaited events in Iloilo City. Celebrated every 4thweek of January, the colorful celebration, showcasing the Ilonggos’ rich culture and their firm devotion to Señor Sto. Niño, has always been a spectacular sight to see. This year, Boysen was invited to add even more colors to the already vibrant atmosphere.

Ilonggos’ Warm Welcome

The sweet and charming people of Iloilo didn’t miss the chance to experience the fun and colors. The Boysen Color Play booth stood in the middle of the Festive Walk Mall in the heart of the city from January 25 to 28, and thousands  of people flocked to the booth during its 4-day showcase. Parents with their kids took the opportunity to bond and enjoy their family time while waiting for the parade to start. Friends of all ages and genders were also happy painting and laughing all throughout the Color Play experience.

Some even expressed their gratitude and admiration for the fun experience in Facebook.

Ilonggos Get the Chance to Play with Colors as Boysen Color Play Joins Dinagyang

Check out this video and see how you can have the most fun in your next Color Play experience!

Watch out for the next activities in store for you, yes you! Follow the official Facebook page of Boysen Paints Philippines for exclusive updates and to always be in the loop.


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