Living Room


For most people, the living room is not just personal space. It is the heart of the home where you can entertain guests and spend time with your family and friends. It’s also the place where you give your visitors a sneak peek of who you really are. That’s why the living room is the most-decorated in the house, often littered with personal items and treasures such as family pictures, special collections, heirlooms and artworks. The style of the room reflects the personality of its owner and can affect the overall mood of any guest.

A splash of color here and there can instantly make a room look spacious and more inviting, so why not make your living room come alive with a combination of vibrant yet relaxing paint schemes and palettes? Whether bright and bold, or mellow and calming, the right hues can perfectly capture the mood you like and still present your signature style. When it comes to color choices and contrasting textures, there’s no limit to your creativity. 

Boysen Philippines can help you strike the perfect balance between style and function for all your living spaces. From a collection of professional tips and DIY tricks, to an array of paint colors and schemes, you’ll find everything you’ll need to revamp your living room.

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