Color Stories, an interactive booth concept, is back in Worldbex 2024. For those who had not seen it when we introduced it in 2019, these are huge murals which visitors can paint using the latest colors of Color Trend 2024-2025.

So that’s what’s new for this year: You can get to try out the fresh paint colors of Boysen, all 24 of them.

However, we will not be setting up all of the four new murals at the same time like in 2019, but only one at a time. The reason is because we also want to have the Color Library there, among other things.

Read what you can expect to see at the Boysen booth during Worldbex 2024.

The Color Stories for the Color Palettes

ASCENSION is the name of the latest Color Trend. Click here if you want to know more about it.

There are four color palettes—Awakening, Alchemy, Artistry, Abundance—and each palette has a story. The stories have one thing in common. They talk about the self-manifestation of a world where we each can live our life purpose.

Here’s a short summary for each color story.

The Story of Awakening

Do you know the feeling of starting and ending your days in much the same way, and you wonder if this is what life is all about? Or you feel that you are in a rut, and that fulfillment is far from your reach. Or worse, where you feel burdened by the mundane problems that you encounter, or maybe even overwhelmed by the challenges that make you stumble.

This is a story about an artist who works for an organization. He does excellent work but there is a lack of joy in his life as he struggles to keep up with society and its noise. As he sits in the park, he notices a group of children who are creating and coloring simple drawings.

There is always something extraordinary in any person’s life at any given day. It’s just that sometimes it may be shrouded in the ordinary.

Life invites us to awaken to the world around us.

The Story of Alchemy

The story is about a musician who has a creative block and can no longer create new material. She is reminded of a past trauma and realizes that this is the dross that holds her back. After choosing to understand and accept it, she experiences her inspiration flowing back to her.

The narratives that we tell ourselves or the stories that we hear from people we care about can sometimes derail us from exploring who we really are. It could also be past experiences that may hold us back.

Sometimes, we need help from others to help us break through the barrier which impede us from pursuing the thing that we are so passionate about and that make us grow and thrive.

Believe that all the ingredients required to bring out our magic is within us.

The Story of Artistry

The story is about a misunderstood artistic young man who wakes up in a place where places look familiar but people not. He wanders around town and encounters a grumpy man working in a shop. They exchange stories and form an unlikely bond.

We all are creators. We all can bring something to existence. In fact, each word, thought, and action can move us closer to or further away from our masterpiece.

It is a choice that we make every single day we live in this world.

We are the weavers of our dreams. We are the authors of our life. And everything that we need to express the yearnings we hold close to our hearts, is within us.

We hold the key that opens the door to our own treasure chamber.

The Story of Abundance

The story is about an overachieving jellyfish who embarks on an adventure to explore the vast ocean. Along the way, she encounters other creatures who are clearly in need of help. She teaches them what she knows and finds her fulfillment.

There is a spiritual law of giving and receiving. “Giving and receiving are different expressions of the same flow of energy in the universe. Since the universe is in constant and dynamic exchange, we all need to both give and receive to keep abundance, love, and anything else you want circulating in your life.” (Chopra)

Generosity is the key to a life of abundance. By cultivating a generous spirit, we open ourselves to a free flow of energy that empowers us to live our best lives.

Visit the Boysen Booth at Worldbex

Worldbex runs from March 14 to 17 at the SMX Convention Center inside the MOA Complex. This means the trade fair starts today.

Come visit us at the Boysen booth and get an introduction to the 24 new paint colors of Color Trend 2024-2025. We will also have other colors, alongside panels of our modern cement finishes, Konstrukt Lunar Series.

As promised, we will also have a mural that can be painted by visitors using a color palette from the latest Boysen Color Trend. We encourage you to take part in this activity.

All the videos about the color stories that you see in this post are animated shorts to give you a flavor of each color palette. The longer versions will be coming out in the next weeks. Subscribe to this blog so you will get to see the longer videos and other interesting and informational stuff about paint and home ideas the minute we publish them.



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