One of the four palettes in Boysen Color Trend 2022/23 is the Bloom palette. The first one we talked about in detail here in the blog was the Breathe palette, then the Move palette. The fourth which we will write about in the coming days is the Live palette.

Read more about the Breathe palette.
Read more about the Move palette.

We had a teaser about this latest color trend called FLOURISH in this post. As mentioned, there are four color palettes in this latest color trend—BREATHE, MOVE, BLOOM, LIVE.  Each palette has six colors, making it a total of 24 new paint colors that are being introduced this year.

The Colors of the Bloom Palette

Bloom is a sophisticated palette of an unexpected color combination of pinks, blues, and a dollop of mustard. Painting this palette in your interiors is a fearless statement signifying a confidence in the singularity of your own creative genius. It is also a bold invitation to others entering your domain to trust in their own individual styles. The impact of the Bloom palette is as stunning as a field of wildflowers, artfully curated by nature itself. The key to its potency lies in variety and not in uniformity.

After years of pandemic protocols like social distancing, staying at home, and masking up, we are entering a new phase. It feels like an opening up, a blossoming, a (re)connecting with people. This energy is embodied in the vibrant and bright colors of the Bloom palette.

Yes, neutrals, like white, are safe. We’ve been told this time and again by designers, home magazines, and digital home sites. The Bloom palette is an invitation to move away from our comfort zone, and to embrace something exciting. Just check out the living room above! It’s as safe and comfortable as any living room painted in neutral colors, sporting neutral fabrics and furniture. But it’s more than just safe and comfortable! It’s warm, playful, vibrant, and unique, very fitting for the times of awakening to and discovering the new persons we have become.

Take some tips from the living room above. Paint the living room walls using the pale pink Candies Be Love. It’s a great backdrop for a sofa that has a tint of pink in the warm grey fabric. Toss a deep blue throw on a sofa, and provide deeper pinks like Whirlwind Romance and Sweet Inspiration on home decor. Make it look lived-in and cozy. It’s your home after all, not a curated shot for a slick home mag.

Use Honey Hive for areas in your home that would normally be considered an awkward space like this wall behind the spiral staircase. Of course, such a beautiful feature like this staircase needs a backdrop that is just as gorgeous. Interior designers turn awkward spaces on its head by coming up with creative design solutions. Painting these spaces in a vibrant color is the easiest way to make such a creative statement.

Discover the Bloom Palette

There’s now a feeling of boldness in the air. People want to go out to discover, explore, and try something new. The post on revenge travel expresses this feeling, just like the Bloom palette. After what seems like a period of dormancy, we are now ready to bloom just like flowers in spring.

The Boysen Color Trend 2022/23 is just a click away. You can download the brochure in this link. All paint colors of Color Trend 2022/23 are available at the Boysen Mix and Match Stations.

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