If you’re able to make a plant stand, making a concrete tea light holder should be easy. Watch the video to see how Sarah does it with concrete mix, water and a sandwich ziplock bag.

Just recently I answered a friend’s FB post lamenting that his PhP 1,000 does not buy as much anymore. His friends, including me, have replied to this and the thread is getting longer with the discussion getting more enthusiastic. One said that, “…it is best not to rely so much on your salary. Start some business or a sideline.” That reply got more answers–some for, some against, some skeptical.

Pete and Sarah started a sideline business because she liked presenting her succulents in a more attractive light. Then the idea just snowballed. Now she’s making concrete tea light holders.

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If concrete tea light holders do not appeal to you, there are many more DIY craft videos that you can watch. Just visit our Youtube channel and subscribe.


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