If you’re a tita and your beloved niece wants a donut wall for her birthday party, you’d try your very best to get that for her. Thank God, Bea is a crafter so she just makes a donut wall, instead of looking around to buy one.

For the cutting list that Bea talks about in the video:

5 pcs 4in x 16in
2 pcs 2in x 23in
3 pcs 2in x 11.5in

Don’t let the name ‘donut wall” throw you off. You can always use this for something else, like your display wall for your earrings, rings, bracelets, and other trinkets.

For longer abubot like necklaces, check out this jewelry organizer tutorial by Kriz.

Using Wood in Your Craft Projects

We’ve done so many DIY videos where we use wood as a material. I have my favorite and it’s this laptop riser.

Laptop Riser

By now, we know that if we want to avoid having a tech neck, and all other kinds of body pains from sitting too long, we need to get up and move more often, every 30 minutes or so.

Take the pressure off the neck muscles (and the spine discs) by sitting on a chair with good lumbar support, which can lean back by 25 to 30 degrees. The laptop riser helps by bringing the screen up so you can look straight instead of down.

Make Your Own Laptop Riser (VIDEO)

According to world-renowned cervical spine surgeon Dr. Daniel Riew,

When you look down just 45 degrees, your neck muscles are doing the work of lifting an almost 50-pound bag of potatoes.

I do sit for hours for work, so this laptop riser is something that helps me not to look down. Now for getting up every 30 minutes.

Wood Painting 101

Bea’s Wood Painting 101

This is not a craft project but a tutorial on the proper way to paint wood with two Boysen paint systems—enamel-based and acrylic-based.

It would give you more confidence if you watch this video. Once you understand the painting systems, you can use this on other wood crafts you will be making.

Wood Staining

Much like Wood Painting 101, this video is also the ABC on the two different wood staining systems of Boysen, and when to use what.

Bea Shows You The Differences Between the Boysen Wood Staining Products

Wood staining is for crafters who want to show off the beauty of wood and not hide it underneath paint. Especially if you are using quality wood, it is better to stain it rather than hide its beauty under paint.

It is up to you what you want to achieve with your creations. We’re just here to support you and give you product choices.

Our technical team is ready to help you should you want clarification on any of the products. Please call (02) 8363-9738 local 417 to 418 during office hours and talk to our Technical Team. You can also write an email to ask@myboysen.com.

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Here’s wishing you a creative year ahead!


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