Bea continues to spoil Silver her…or maybe, it’s the doggo’s parents that she is spoiling. In any case, she is making a dog leash organizer for Silver in this video.

To download the design, just click on this link. You don’t have to follow this though, there are so many free designs on the internet. Just google them.

If you want to see how she made a pet dish riser for Silver, click this link to visit our YouTube channel.

Priming Wood

Painting wood was a pain because you had to use solvent-based products before. Why was this a problem? Well, solvent-based products stink. If you have a sensitive nose, painting wood was not a walk in the park.

But with the introduction of Boysen WoodPrime, painting wood has become so much easier. Three advantages of this primer are: 1) it’s low odor, 2) it’s tannin-stain resistant, 3) you can use water-based paint like Boysen Permacoat LatexBoysen Healthy Home, and Virtuoso Silk Touch, which has more choices for readily available colors.

However, one disadvantage of WoodPrime is that it is only for low-touch areas like this dog leash organizer. If you will be painting wood cabinets, it is best to use an alkyd type paint like Boysen Quick Drying Enamel.

Wood Painting 101

Bea’s Wood Painting 101

Should you be thinking about DIY projects with wood as your substrate, watch the video above first to learn how your can use Boysen’s two paint systems for wood.

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