When I saw photos of this condo, I knew I wanted to share this living space here in the blog because, dear readers, you have to see how the magic of Morfosis Design transformed this 40 sqm one bedroom condo from the usual box-like structure of current condo developments to a space of zen-like serenity.

Insider Information on the Transformation of a 40 sqm Condo Insider Information on the Transformation of a 40 sqm Condo

Morfosis Design is a multi-disciplinary design firm led by Misty Floro and Pai Edles. They designed a living room vignette, part of our many collaborations with SM Home, which showcased the zingy yellow of Color Trend 2017 called Glow with the Flow.

While last year’s living room was modern, edgy and cheeky, this condo is an oasis of calm, something the homeowners must be so happy to have in such a buzzing area as España. This is home to a brother and sister, both medical students studying in a nearby university.

Insider Information on the Transformation of a 40 sqm Condo Insider Information on the Transformation of a 40 sqm Condo Insider Information on the Transformation of a 40 sqm Condo Insider Information on the Transformation of a 40 sqm Condo

Insider Information on the Transformation of a 40 sqm Condo

All images by Marty Floro Photography and Andrew Gregory Photography

The Client Brief

Misty said, “The condo was a gift from their Grandma, who wanted to get a place for her beloved apos so that they could be near school and have a place to study.”

TIP: Just know what the client requirements are and try to fit it all in the layout. A good understanding of the client’s needs results to a good design.
-Misty Floro

“The primary purpose of the condo is for it to be a place of study and rest. Med students have intensive study sessions, and also they need a place to rest after their long duty hours. We wanted to design the ‘ultimate study condo’ for the siblings. Both of our clients had different study needs. There’s one study table, standard desk height for the boy who preferred studying at a regular desk. The girl specifically requested for a bar height dining table ‘like in Starbucks’ because she likes studying there. We wanted to somehow recreate that ‘café feel’ by using birch wood slats, the bar height table and the pendant lighting above the dining table.

“From the start, the client told us that they were on a limited budget. We took that as a challenge to come up with a design that wouldn’t look ‘low budget.'”

The Design Layout

After finding out what the requirements of the clients were and how they planned to use the space, Morfosis came up with a design layout that is refreshingly young and functional.

Misty related, “For the living room, for example, they wanted a sofa bed so that the parents or guests can sleep over. The unit also had a really great view of UST, and so we didn’t want to put the sofa against the window. For the bedroom, we were inspired by hip design hostels in Europe and sleeping pods in Japan. Since there are two occupants, a boy and a girl, we wanted to give them a sense of privacy even if the two of them shared a room. We built a custom bed clad in birch plywood, with a perforated wood divider in between. Each bedside features a wall lamp for bedside reading, and ample outlets for charging gadgets — common features at hostels. Having the beds against the walls creates an illusion of space. Another unique feature of the condo is the neon signage in the bedroom. We wanted to put the quote ‘Do something great’ to inspire our clients and remind them of their purpose. They will be doctors someday and will be doing great things!”

Colors and Home Furnishings

The colors are mostly neutrals with an accent wall painted a pale blue. The blue color was specially mixed by a painter for Morfosis until he got the exact shade the two designers wanted. It is a clean, calm color, that has both substance and fragility which appeals to both male and female tastes.

It was a challenge for them to look for furniture or materials of good quality with relatively low price points. But their years in the industry have blessed them with as Misty said, “a trusted pool of suppliers for our projects who we know we can rely on with these things.”

The Surprise Reveal

The clients did not see the unit in the last two weeks before turnover, as requested by the designers. That right there speaks of the trust the clients placed on Morfosis, something that the designers really appreciated. But what was even more fulfilling for Misty and Pai was when they saw that the clients were so happy with what they had done.

Misty happily recounted how the mom said, “Naiiyak ako. It’s so nice!” And the daughter said, “You’re so galing!” For Morfosis, the 2-1/2 months of conceptualization and build culminated to this moment.

“We live for that. We always want to WOW our clients with each design that we put out. It also really helps that the client trusted us 101%. That’s the best kind of client for us,” said Misty.



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