Sometimes, deciding what color to paint your wall takes more time than the painting process. Choosing the right color for your home can be overwhelming, especially if there are so many colors to choose from. To narrow down your choices, ask yourself: How do you want your home to feel? What vibe are you going for? Do you want a minimal and sophisticated vibe for your home? Do you want the room to feel energizing and cheerful? How about cool and calming? If you know the feel that you want for your home, then choosing the right color will be easier.

Watch this video featuring the readily available paint colors from the Boysen Color Series to help you decide which color can create the mood that you want for your dream space.

Neutrals: A Practical Choice

If you’re dreaming of a space where you can feel safe, neutrals will give you that assurance. These paint colors are always the crowd favorite because they’re timeless and versatile. If you live in a small space, neutral colors will help you create a room that feels more spacious.

Neutrals don’t have to feel flat or boring. Try painting your walls with two neutral tones to add depth and dimension to your space. You can get the look of the pegs below by using B-708 Gray Castle and B-726 Stone Beige on your walls.

Reading Nook

Create a cozy reading nook with neutrals. Neutrals are suited for spaces where you need to focus. Some people might feel sleepy reading in a room painted in cool colors, while others might feel overstimulated or distracted by bold, warm colors. On the other hand, these subtle neutrals inspire you to concentrate so you can finally finish a chapter.

Dining Area

We recommend that you paint the walls of the common areas in your home with neutrals especially if family members have clashing color preferences. It’s like the buffer zone where the family can gather together and enjoy a meal.

If you’re adventurous when it comes to colors, just keep reading.

Warm Hues: Mood Booster

I have always associated warm colors with mornings. They feel like a new beginning. These hopeful hues give you an exhilarating feeling that anything can happen today. They grab your attention and inspire action. It’s perfect for energizing zones in your home like a corner where you exercise or cook.

Living Room

Create a living room that feels consoling and inviting. If you’re feeling down lately, warm hues can help pull you out of the mire. Warm up stark walls with B-773 Nuevo Terra!

Breakfast Nook

Wake yourself up with a heartwarming hue like B-721 Cream! This lovely dining nook greets you a good morning. Breakfast would taste sweeter in this uplifting space.

Cool Colors: Anxiety Reliever         

Many might consider cool colors as whispering colors, but they’re listening colors as well. Warm hues are like motivational speakers hyping you up so you can slay dragons while cool colors listen to your rants and accept your melancholic side. Cool hues let you sit with your emotions and validate your sadness.


The quiet presence of cool colors will calm you down. Embrace the serene vibe and hunker down in this green bedroom. Paint your walls with BSG-43 Forest Green to create a haven that helps you rest and recharge.

 Home Office

It will be impossible to meet your deadlines if you feel anxious. Anxiety will paralyze you, and cool colors are like a salve to soothe your restless mind. These colors remind you to breathe and maintain your composure in difficult times. Paint your home office with B-754 Breeze to create a home office that exudes a calming and coordinated vibe.

A Little Bit of Everything

Mix and match neutrals, warm hues, and cool colors like a pro! This article will give you color schemes that can guide you on how you can refresh different living spaces. Click the post below to learn more.

Get Your Home Quarantine-Ready By Using Colors

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