Why, hello there! We’re nearing the end of the first month of the new year. How are you guys keeping up with your resolutions? I hope you’re all staying on track. Now that we’ve had some time to acclimate these new habits into our routine, it’s time to talk about something else. Your living space!

Physical and mental wellbeing are very important. But, let’s not forget that the spaces we inhabit have a big impact on our lives as well. We’ve been spending a lot of time indoors since 2020. So, let’s make our homes as clean, as cozy, and as homey as it can be this 2021. Here are some ideas that would really make your space a home sweet home.

Go Ahead, Get More Plants

If you’re looking for a sign, this is it. Go ahead, get more plants. One more can’t hurt, right? I’m enabling your plantito or plantita goals because having plants indoors really does help make a house feel like a home. Incorporating a more biophilic design in your living space has so much benefits. Indoor plants can improve air quality, reduce stress, and can make you more productive.

But, try not to get the plastic ones. They don’t have the same benefits. Even with my black thumb (even monggo seedlings die on my watch), I am currently the proud plant mom of one bamboo plant and one pothos sprout. If I can do it, you can do it too.

Unleash your Inner Marie Kondo

Because of the pandora’s box that is 2020, we’re spending more time indoors and welcoming less guests into our homes. Look around you. Rate your room from 1 to 10 in cleanliness. 10 being “I have a family of mice as tenants.” Not a good number? Samedt, fam. Visual clutter leads to mental clutter. Let’s learn a thing or two from Marie Kondo and ask yourself, “Does this spark joy?”

Read her book if you have the time. Tidying up really is life changing. Aside from that, read up on more organization tips here!

Why Not Try Repainting?

Of course I’d suggest this. This is a Boysen blog! But joking aside, changing the color of your walls does dramatically change the mood of your living space.  It’s honestly not too daunting. (And I’m not saying this just because I write for this blog.) We have tons of articles on how to prepare for your painting project, so don’t worry! If you need color inspiration, this blog is filled with them. Take your pick and run with it!

The Takeaway

These are just some ideas on how to make your house truly feel like a home. If you’re serious about repainting, I suggest using Boysen Healthy Home.  It’s formulated to be both low in VOC and odor so it’s perfect for interiors. Furthermore, it also has an antibacterial property to keep harmful bacteria such as E. Coli and Salmonella at bay. Healthy Home has 8 readily available colours. But, there are hundreds of others to choose from as well in our Mix & Match mixing stations. Just go to the home depot nearest you!

Boysen Healthy Home Standard Colors
Standard Colors

Still on the fence about Healthy Home? Well, we’ll have you know that has just been recently certified with the Indoor Advantage™ Gold for Building Materials by SCS Global. This certification means that Healthy Home is internationally recognized as a product that contains very low VOC levels. TL;DR: it’s a good choice for indoor air quality!

Your clean slate does not start and end on January 1st. Every day is a new opportunity to start fresh. So don’t worry if you feel like you’ve been letting your resolutions slip from time to time. The important thing is to not let the disappointments blind you from what the end goal is: to be a better person. Not just for others, but for yourself.

It’s only the beginning of 2021. We have a whole year, a whole life, ahead of us!


Inah is an avid overplanner with a manic desire to organize everything. She dedicates most of her time and attention to her two chunky dogs, Prince and Peanut. If there's a bit of extra time on hand, she will spring clean her entire house.

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