There’s room to let loose in a smaller space like a bathroom. Get creative and make bold choices! The Alchemy palette from the Boysen Color Trend 2024/2025 Ascension collection is perfect for it. These hues are deep and dramatic. Just the thing for those of us looking to add flair and personality to our homes.

Obsidian BCT24-7912S and Clear Quartz BCT24-7021S

Get Dramatic: Try These Color Combos for Your Bathroom | MyBoysen

No need to be afraid of the dark. When done right, colors close to black such as dark gray can be comforting and enveloping areas that feel like safe spaces to escape to—less energizing and more rejuvenating.

Strike the right balance and it’s possible to pull off colors as dark as Obsidian. Have contrast in the room in the way of lighter colors like Clear Quartz—equally as moody but definitely brighter. Textures will make the space cozy as well, Think bath mats and towels. And lots of sunlight streaming in will keep the room from getting suffocating. If you can, add greenery too.

Sage’s Remedy BCT24-7517S and Love Potion BCT24-7745S

Get Dramatic: Try These Color Combos for Your Bathroom | MyBoysen

Green is a soothing color and, in the emerald green shade of Sage’s Remedy, it’s also a sophisticated one. Rich and indulgent, it makes a bold statement especially when paired with the equally dramatic dark magenta of Love Potion.

When decorating, you can lean more towards a jewel theme with metallic accents. Wooden finishing will also make the space more inviting. If the room feels like it’s getting too overwhelming, adding in white will turn down the intensity that the colors will bring to the room!

Mage’s Cloak BCT24-7442S and Solar Essence BCT24-7744S

Get Dramatic: Try These Color Combos for Your Bathroom | MyBoysen

Time for arguably the most dramatic of the colors in the Alchemy palette, Mage’s Cloak. Purple is associated with magic, mystery, spirituality, and creativity. It’s also considered a royal color and one of extravagance. Purple dye—and, therefore, purple garments—used to be very costly and rare.

What better hue to go with a purple than a golden yellow? Yellow also exudes opulence. What’s more, the two are complementary colors which means they definitely go well together. Solar Essence will make Mage’s Cloak even more beautiful! Add in just a sprinkling as you don’t need a lot to make an impact.

Where to Get These Colors as Paint

Want to try these colors for your home too? You can get them at Boysen’s The Color Library as 200 mL or 1 L paint, or at Boysen Mix & Match stations in 4 L containers. If you liked Alchemy, don’t forget to check out the rest of the palettes in Boysen Color Trend 2024/25 Ascension. Head to the Boysen Color Trend website to see them all.

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