Delectable and irresistible are two words that can be used to describe desserts, confectionaries, pastries, and other sweet food—but maybe in this instance we can use them for paint colors too! Imagine these on your kitchen walls or, really, just about any room in your home.

Sugar Dust BCP-0011

Got a Sweet Tooth? Check Out These 6 Delightful Paint Colors | MyBoysen

A good dusting of sugar never hurt, right? It makes a sweet treat even more alluring, especially if it’s on a donut. Whether jelly-filled or plain, you know it’s already going to be a good one if it has this on top! Proof of this is the powder left on your fingers after.

As a paint color, Sugar Dust is a good off-white option for those on #TeamPuti. White on walls can easily get too blinding and clinical. It has the same effect as being in a room with just a white fluorescent tube as a light source. It feels draining. Sugar Dust has a hint of warmth to help avoid that.

Strawberry Whip BCP-0055

Got a Sweet Tooth? Check Out These 6 Delightful Paint Colors | MyBoysen

Did you know that pink frosting is said to help make pastries and cakes seem sweeter? It makes sense when you think about it. Seeing a row of cupcakes in a glass display, would you go for one with plain white frosting or one with a pretty pink one? Strawberry Whip all the way, of course.

A toned-down pink like this one can be used as wall paint color for a girl’s bedroom, but don’t be afraid to break gender stereotypes as well. Pink can absolutely also look great in kitchens and even bathrooms. It will give you that wash of positivity and good vibes whenever you step in the room.

Meringue BCP-0696

Got a Sweet Tooth? Check Out These 6 Delightful Paint Colors | MyBoysen

If you’re Pinoy, it’s likely you were first introduced to meringue as a child when it was sold at the school canteen or by a street vendor after dismissal. Light and airy, this sweet treat can be made with just two ingredients—egg whites and sugar. It’s usually white in color but is also made in a wide variety of hues, including this one. Certainly an eye-catcher, feel free to use Meringue as an accent paint color at home.

Lemon Drizzle BCP-0834

Got a Sweet Tooth? Check Out These 6 Delightful Paint Colors | MyBoysen

Lemons aren’t easy to come by in a tropical Asian country like the Philippines. That’s okay. This just means that when we are presented with the option of a lemon dessert it becomes more of a treat. A lemon drizzle cake, for example, is a classic in the UK. A moist sponge cake with a citrus twist, we’re guessing you wouldn’t pass up on getting to try a bite.

Yellow is the happiest hue. Hopefully this Lemon Drizzle paint color can bring a little joy into your space. Even just a little can do the trick.

Creamy Mint BCP-0755

Got a Sweet Tooth? Check Out These 6 Delightful Paint Colors | MyBoysen

Mint typically divides more than it brings together. Either you think it’s a refreshing flavor or too reminiscent of toothpaste to properly enjoy as food. Nevertheless, perhaps we can all get behind this cozy shade of green.

Don’t want mint in your ice cream? Have it as your wall paint color instead. Here’s what our color psychology guide says about green: “Green is said to be extremely helpful as a stress reliever if it is the primary hue of a room. It is known to be able to cool areas down, which ultimately encourages unwinding while promoting comfort.”

Caramel Cloud BCP-0245

Got a Sweet Tooth? Check Out These 6 Delightful Paint Colors | MyBoysen

Just about anyone with a sweet tooth can get behind caramel. It can be eaten as candy but its arguably more popular now as a flavor, topping, or filling. From a glass of iced caramel latte to a serving of crème caramel (a.k.a. leche flan), its simplicity makes it an easy go-to choice when you’re having trouble picking from an exhaustive menu. Now, doesn’t Caramel Cloud sound delectable?

Note: You can get all the colors featured above as paint at a Boysen Mix and Match station (find a list of locations here). Just remember to ask to see the actual swatch of your chosen hue in person as colors may appear differently when viewed through a screen.

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