Here is Bea trying out hacks on rust removal that she saw on the internet. Using things usually used for cooking—vinegar, lemon, potato + salt, ketchup—she tried to scrub the rust off the metal sheets.

Last but not least, she used the Boysen Metal Etching Solution.

Just in case you haven’t guessed yet, it’s the metal etching solution that got rid of the rust. Better save your vinegar for the chicharon, lemon for lemonade, potatoes to make into french fries, and ketchup to swirl those french fries in.

Boysen Metal Etching Solution

Boysen Metal Etching Solution

The Boysen Metal Etching Solution is used in two ways, as a rust converter and as a metal cleaner. In the video, Bea uses the solution as a rust converter.

You need to remove the rust first with a steel brush or sandpaper. Be as thorough as possible. If there is still stubborn rust on your metal surface, you can then use the solution as a rust converter. It is used for corrosion control and best for surfaces that you want to paint.

Wait 10 to 15 minutes after applying the solution, then wipe the surface with thinner using a rag. Immediately apply a coat of metal primer before painting.

The second use of the Boysen Metal Etching Solution is a metal cleaner for new metal that has not been pre-painted. Wipe the unpainted metal surface with thinner using a rag, after which you wipe the surface with the solution. Painters call this paglalason. Then prime the surface so that paint will adhere properly. If you do this process, the paint will be durable and long-lasting.

Care to know more about the Boysen Metal Etching Solution? Click on the image below to bring you to a more detailed post.

Boysen Guide: How to Use Boysen Metal Etching Solution

Tips on Rust Prevention

Most homes use metal surfaces, like roofs and gates. It’s important to be vigilant so that you can stop rust in its tracks before it spreads. Prevention is better than cure, after all.

Aside from immediately treating the metal surface, there are other tips that you can follow so that your home would always be in excellent shape. Read up on the other tips in this link.

The product guide for the Boysen Metal Etching Solution can be found in the Boysen website or via the Boysen app.

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