Keep kalawang problems out of your home. Metal, more often than not, will rust over time. The best way to not see rust on your metal for a long while is through proper surface preparation and by choosing durable, high-quality paints, including primer. Let’s get into it.

1. Use the Right Primer

Primer plays a key role in rust prevention. A good primer—applied before your topcoat and after proper surface preparation—will help keep your metal surface from corroding for as long as possible.

Boysen metal primers are specifically formulated to have rust-inhibiting properties. Boysen Red Oxide and Rust Off Gray are alkyd-based metal primers which can be used for interior and exterior surfaces. Boysen Primeguard is a water-based acrylic metal primer designed to have excellent adhesion on hard-to-adhere metal surfaces like aluminum.

5 Expert Tips for Preventing and Dealing with Rust | MyBoysen

2. Choose a Good Topcoat

A reliable topcoat is equally important. Remember, rust occurs when the metal is exposed to water and oxygen. The best way to prevent this is to cover your metal surface with a good quality coating to protect it from the elements. A durable coating will stay put for a long time thereby shielding your metal for longer too.

Solvent-based enamel paints, like Boysen Quick Drying Enamel, are very durable and suited to both interior and exterior surfaces. It will be able to withstand both sunlight and rain. Use it for metal gates, metal furniture, and other metal surfaces you want to protect. For roofs, there’s Boysen Roofgard and Cool Shades. These are made to dry to a thermoplastic film that’s resistant to cracking and peeling.

5 Expert Tips for Preventing and Dealing with Rust | MyBoysen

3. Be Thorough When Removing Rust

Boysen experts advise that you be thorough with rust treatment. Rust will only come back or even worsen if you do not do a good enough job of removing or stabilizing it.

Treating rust is typically carried out by first manually removing the rust and then using a chemical treatment afterward. Manual removal is done by taking a steel brush and sandpaper and getting rid of as much of the rust as possible. Next, chemical treatment is done by liberally applying an etching solution to the surface, like Boysen Metal Etching Solution. This reacts with the rust to stop it from spreading any further. Repeat chemical treatment if necessary.

5 Expert Tips for Preventing and Dealing with Rust | MyBoysen

4. Avoid Flash Rusting

After applying chemical treatment (and wiping the area down with thinner after 15 minutes), it’s a must that you immediately apply primer. This is to avoid flash rusting. Flash rusting is when rusting occurs on a metal surface immediately after you’ve done surface prep. This is usually caused by treating rust improperly or insufficiently.

5. Treat Immediately

Vigilance and periodic maintenance are key. Act fast at the first sign of rust. As you know, when left untreated, rust spreads to more and more areas of your metal surface, eventually eating away at it. Soon enough, the metal may look so dilapidated that you’ll have no choice but to replace it entirely. Don’t let it get to this point. Treat rust as soon as you spot it.

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