There’s a reason why a lot of people choose to go to coffee shops or cafes to work or hang out. The smell of freshly brewed coffee is enticing, a quick sip of joe perks you up. However, working in cafes can rack up some pretty hefty expenses. Iced coffee can be one very expensive vice. Here’s an idea. Let’s bring in that cafe aesthetic in your living space.

The Clean Aesthetic

How to Get that Cafe Aesthetic at Home | MyBoysen
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You can’t go wrong with a minimalist, all-white cafe aesthetic. This makes any space feel larger, airier, and cleaner. Afraid of going for white walls? Try painting your room with Virtuoso Silk Touch. This paint is formulated with an Easy Clean technology that makes wiping off dirt and stains a breeze. Not to mention, it comes in a luxurious matte finish as well. Check out our recommended palettes below.

How to Get that Cafe Aesthetic at Home | MyBoysen

Sleek and Modern

A lot of coffee shops here in the Philippines are still opting to go for an industrial feel for their interiors. It looks sleek and classy, but also rugged and laidback at the same time. Get the look by using Konstrukt Lunar Series. It’s a collection of 9 modern cement finishes using Konstrukt Construction Chemicals products. Check out all the available designs below.

How to Get that Cafe Aesthetic at Home | MyBoysen

Warm and Cozy

Going to cafes for their warm and cozy vibes? Incorporate a lot of wooden elements into your space. Aside from the usuals like floorings and furniture, you can accent the space with wooden wall panels or ceilings as well. Get the look with Boysen’s Oil Wood Stain. It brings out the natural tone in wooden substrates, highlights the wood grain, and adds freshness and color. Depending on the look you’re going for, you can also choose different types of clear coats (from flat to glossy) to finish off your Oil Wood Stain application. Check out the color options of Oil Wood Stain down below.

How to Get that Cafe Aesthetic at Home | MyBoysen

Classy and Stylish

Some cafes stray away from the “typical” cafe aesthetic. Daily Coffee, the coffee shop featured above, features a decorative paint finish on the walls of their establishment. This cafe is actually located in Ukraine, but you can get a similar look here in the Philippines. Get that classy and stylish cafe aesthetic with DECORe Perlescente. This decorative paint finish has hints of gold and silver that can give your home that high-end cafe feels. Check out DECORe Perlescente’s palette down below.

How to Get that Cafe Aesthetic at Home | MyBoysen

Some Final Notes

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