Bea shows us in this video tutorial how to make your own pet dish riser. It involves carpentry work. So if you’re not handy, go to someone who has the tools and the skill to do this part for you.

Many people consider their pets part of the family so many pets do get a lot of love from their owners. Silver is no exception.

Since he’s a big dog, Bea decided to make him a pet dish riser so he does not have to bend down so much to reach his food.

There are two schools of thought about raising feeder bowls though.

First School of Thought on Pet Dish Risers

First, a raised dog bowl is particularly beneficial for medium to large dogs so they don’t have to bend so low and strain their backs and necks while feeding. This is especially true for older dogs who may have mobility issues, arthritis, or some pain. But don’t make the pet dish riser too high either because this will also cause some strain.

A good rule of thumb is to measure the height from the floor to where the dog’s legs meet their bodies. That should be the maximum height of the bowl. Do not make one that is higher than that. Make sure that your dog’s head is always at a downward angle when eating or drinking.

Bea chose to construct a pet dish riser that allows for the removal of the stainless steel bowls for easy cleaning and refilling. You can choose ceramic bowls but those are breakable so it’s less safe for your pet. She also made one good for two bowls—one for solid food and the other for water. It’s easier for your pet to drink water when he does not have to fight gravity like he does when the bowl is on the floor.

Second School of Thought on Pet Dish Risers

The second school of thought is that raising the dog bowl may cause dog bloat and gastric torsion, which is quite a serious and often fatal condition. This often affects senior dogs and larger breeds due to their deep chests. Please just google what dog bloat could mean for a dog. It sounds painful. I am sure you don’t want that to happen to your beloved pet.

So before you take out your carpentry tools and make a pet dish riser for your pet, especially if your pet has a deep chest like a German Shepherd, Great Dane, or Doberman, ask his veterinarian first what he thinks. Take note though that this is not a breed issue, but a consideration for all deep-chested dogs.

Spoil Your Pet

I suppose pet owners don’t need to be told to spoil their fur babies. Bea is just presenting one of the ways you can do that.

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