Don’t have Valentine’s Day plans yet? We’ve got you covered. With the help of the Boysen Color Trend 2022/23 Move palette, here are our suggestions for activities you can do on hearts day!

Note: You can get all the colors shown below mixed as paint for your home at a Boysen Mix and Match station near you. Find a list of locations here.

Picnic | Lemon Pop BCT21-7618S

I Love Hue: Date Ideas with the MOVE Color Palette | MyBoysen
Photo by BBiDDac on Unsplash

Spend a day basking in the sun, sitting on the grass, and enjoying quaint bite-sized sandwiches with your significant other. Knowing how hot Philippine days can get, early morning or late afternoon would be the perfect time to have it!

Popular picnic spots in the metro include Ayala Triangle Gardens in Makati if you’re in the south and the UP Sunken Gardens in Quezon City if you’re in the north. To accompany you on your date is this refreshing and bright shade of yellow, Lemon Pop. Imagine it as a checkered picnic mat or as a breezy dress!

Beach Trip | Deep Plunge BCT21-7438S

I Love Hue: Date Ideas with the MOVE Color Palette | MyBoysen
Photo by Jakob Owens on Unsplash

They say trying new experiences together helps spice up a relationship that may have gotten a little humdrum. A beach trip with water activities can bring in some much-appreciated excitement and thrill.

If a vacation spanning several days is out of the question, a day trip is entirely plausible! Anilao, Batangas is roughly just a 3-hour drive from Metro Manila and offers diving and snorkeling options for beginners. Up for the challenge? Of course, you are! Pack your swimsuits and picture yourself surrounded by blue waters not so far away in shade from Deep Plunge.

Fancy Dinner | High Key BCT21-7208S

I Love Hue: Date Ideas with the MOVE Color Palette | MyBoysen

For the romantics out there, this one’s for you. What’s date night without a proper dinner? A special occasion needs a special meal so go ahead and splurge.

Degustation menus, also known as tasting menus, are all the rage these days. Check out Toyo Eatery, Mecha Uma, and Gallery By Chele. Just don’t forget to make a reservation way in advance. Pair your fancy meal with a color of subtle elegance and sophistication—High Key.

Indoor Camping and Stargazing | Hey, Grey! BCT21-7018S

I Love Hue: Date Ideas with the MOVE Color Palette | MyBoysen

You don’t need to spend a lot for a memorable date. Have a camp-themed night with your partner at home! You have the option of setting up a tent or simply building a fort using blankets in the living room. Make it cozy with lots of pillows and warm lighting to mimic the glow of a campfire. Have snacks at the ready like sausages and smores. You can even pretend you’re stargazing with a star projector light.

Cook a Meal Together | Fireburst BCT21-7739S

I Love Hue: Date Ideas with the MOVE Color Palette | MyBoysen

Get hot and heavy this Valentine’s Day—hot from being near an open stove and heavy after consuming an awesome homemade meal. If you’ve never cooked a meal with the love of your life maybe this is your chance to try. Pick a few romantic dishes that aren’t too simple or too complicated to make. Salad, pasta, and grilled chicken or fish, maybe?

Don’t forget to set the table too. Bring out your prettiest plates, glasses, and cutlery. Napkins are optional but are a nice touch. Dine by candlelight for that extra flair. Lastly, couple your burning passion for each other with Fireburst!

Art and History Appreciation | Purple Power Revolution BCT21-7740S

I Love Hue: Date Ideas with the MOVE Color Palette | MyBoysen

February is National Arts Month in the Philippines. Hit two birds with one stone and celebrate that and Valentine’s Day in one date. And, while you’re at it, sneak in a history lesson or two as well. All this you can do in Manila!

Need an itinerary? Marvel at the works of masters at the National Museum. Then, head to Intramuros where you can enjoy a meal at one of the iconic restaurants there. Ilustrado is a crowd favorite. After, take a leisurely afternoon stroll arm-in-arm through beautiful and historic Fort Santiago or Baluarte de San Diego. You can even end the day watching the sunset at Manila Bay.

We’ve been keeping safe distances from each other for the past few years. It’s time to get close. Enjoy Valentine’s, lovebirds! If you enjoyed this blog post, consider subscribing to the Let It B weekly newsletter. We promise to send just the stuff we think you’ll find useful or fun!


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