Small spaces are not a preferred choice for most people. However, majority buy smaller condo units because rents or costs of properties are more affordable for smaller spaces.  If you’re single or a couple, it’s not such a problem. But if you have children, then the challenge to live in a such a small area is greater.

The Ikea Way

Ikea, this gigantic multinational that designs and sells low-priced, ready-to-assemble home furnishings, is able to show in the video below how you can design a 30 sqm living space to house a family of four.

Here are more designs ideas from Ikea, in the layout of the space as well as the furnishings.

Other Design Ideas for Small Spaces

Small Space_2
Be creative and see how you can use those odd spaces.
Small Space_3
Use walls as additional storage space to hang things, by adding hooks, hangers, small racks, or magnetic strips.
Small Space_4
Storage space is very important so have as much of these as you can possibly squeeze into the available space. Clever storage means a clean, uncluttered home.
Small Space_5
Use furniture that does not have only one purpose, so have a sofa bed, or a table that has wheels so you can move it around where you need it, or use cabinets to also be room partitions.
Small Space_6
Use sliding doors and not those that pull out.
Small Space_7
Make multi-purpose spaces, e.g., let a dining room or a bedroom double as a living room. (Photo by Joseph Albanese on Unsplash)
Small Space_8
Use curtains to divide spaces.
Small Space_9
Use mirrors to create the illusion of space.

There have been a lot of noise in the news about Ikea coming to the Philippines. But if you’re in the middle of decorating your home right now, you don’t have to wait for Ikea. There are home stores that do have furnishings that you can use, like SM Home.

Better yet, if you know of a carpenter who can custom-make furnitures for your space, then that would be the best option.

For more inspiration, read the article Tips on How to Use Paint to Make Your Condo Look Bigger.






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