Christmas posts from businesses, big and small, are flooding social media channels. Even banks are sending emails regarding tie-ups with stores. Buy this and get x% off or buy one of our Christmas baskets for P3K up and get a chance to win the raffle price worth P6K. Lol. I must admit though that there are really nice things, lots of them. If you hang out a lot in social media, you would really feel the urge to add to cart and rush through the checkout process to hit the submit or complete order button. Oops! There it goes! Kaching!

To be original however, it takes imagination, creativity, and elbow grease. Like this hanging Christmas centerpiece from Krafty Kriz for example.

What I like about this idea is that it has great impact, especially when you want to make a special Christmas dinner with your loved ones. For those with small homes who do not have the space to put up a humongous tree with all the trimmings, this is something you can do. Fairy lights too give a very nice glow so your friends will thank you for this as you will all look all gorgeous sitting around the table. No need for ring lights for the pervasive selfies.

A Krafty Krizmas Hanging Centerpiece

Making this is easy. Just get your twigs. Make sure they’re the sturdy type. You can paint them white like Kriz did but you can also keep the natural color and just finish it well. How do you prep the wood? Read the Boysen Way of handling wood.

Personally, my difficulty would be how to hang it well. Make it low enough that you can still comfortably see each other across the table. Just like flower arrangements on the table that block your view of dinner mates, it could be irritating to have to peer through twigs when you converse. So much more if it is supposed to be a romantic dinner. Use the power of props to heighten the enjoyment of each other’s company instead of being overpowered by props.

Not only should you make sure that you all can see each other around the table, you must also securely install this centerpiece and make sure that it is not going to fall on your sumptuous dishes. On the other hand if it happens, that is an experience that you can talk about until you all grow old. Adds to the bonding.

Entertaining at Home During Christmas

Two Christmases have passed when we were careful about having friends and family members outside our bubbles come into our homes. But if this Christmas you are thinking of entertaining, then here are some things you can do to make it special.

Christmas Video: Make a Merry Mocktail

Make a merry mocktail…or cocktail, why not? Start with apéritifs while waiting for others to arrive. Turn on the music, not so loud, so that you all can share stories while nibbling on delicious tapas.

Need help dressing up the table? Watch this:

Christmas Video: Divine Dinner Date

Make Your Home Merry and Bright

Whether you will be having guests or not, make your home merry and bright so that you will enjoy your private space this Christmas season. This is a time for gratitude and caring for yourself and others. For some, it is a time of celebration, and for others, a time for deep thought. Make it both.

We just came from an unbelievably difficult time with the pandemic, and even if we don’t realize it, we have learned a lot about ourselves—how we want to live our life, and how we want to connect with the world around us. Take those lessons with you and make something great out of 2023.

It may even be a topic to have around the table. This is your tribe after all so you can be as vulnerable as you like. As a favorite author and lecturer Brené Brown said,

Vulnerability is not winning or losing; it’s having the courage to show up and be seen when we have no control over the outcome. Vulnerability is not weakness; it’s our greatest measure of courage.

So drop the masks and be as vulnerable as needed. After this discussion, you can move on to having pure fun with music, dance, games, and gift giving…all in the presence of a hanging Christmas centerpiece with lights that give you that special glow of conviviality and all it brings.

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