Go to any hardware and home depot store near you and for sure you’ll spot rows upon rows of the familiar green and yellow packaging of Boysen paints. Upon closer inspection, you’ll notice that they’re available in different packaging variants as well! We have product packaging ranging from small 1/4 Liter pots all the way to huge 16-Liter ones! And for each of these variants, there’s a simple trick involved in getting them to open up.

Safe and Secure, Always

If you manage to get your hands on any variant of our Boysen packaging, you’d probably notice that it’s not quite as easy to open as a can of sardines. No, it’s not because we want you guys to struggle every time you need to repaint. There’s a good reason why we make sure our packaging is super secure. First of all, it’s to prevent tampering from untoward entities. To ensure that the product that gets to your doorstep is pure and unadulterated grade-A Boysen paint, all our packaging are designed to be tamper-proof! Second of all, it’s paint. Can you imagine the epic mess you have to clean up should a can accidentally pop open during the trip home? Exactly.

How to Open a Boysen Can


For any first time DIY-ers, the struggle will be real. We purposefully asked one of our team members who didn’t have any experience in opening a Boysen can yet to do this video. Save for the 16-Liter packaging, if she can do it, anyone can. Just remember to look for the indentation around the packaging cap and work your way from there. It takes a while to get used to it. But once you do, it’s easy as PIE. (Painting It Easy. hehe) If you want to see how a seasoned Boysen personnel opens these cans, check out these videos instead!

Recycling Boysen Cans

You’re probably left with several empty Boysen Cans after your repainting project. You’ve already worked hard in trying to open them so make sure they don’t go to waste after. We highly encourage people to reuse old Boysen cans. Let’s keep them out of landfills! There are a million nifty uses for plastic buckets. Here’s one that you can try out.

Upcycling Boysen Paint Cans: Paint Pots to Plant Pots

Just remember to properly clean out these cans first before putting them to good use elsewhere. If you’re not a plantito or a plantita, you can always use these buckets as additional storage or water containers. However, please please please do not use old cans for any sort of food related activity!

Some Final Thoughts

Everyone starts out as a newbie. So, if you struggle a bit at first in opening some cans, don’t worry so much about it! You’ll get better and better at it with each painting activity you embark on. Do you have any other questions on paints, colors, or cans? Send us an email at ask@myboysen.com. We’re always happy to help! Don’t forget to subscribe to the blog too for weekly short and sweet DIY inspiration updates delivered straight to your email. Happy painting!


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