The birth rate in the Philippines has been in a steady decline for the last few years. Instead of having kids, a lot of people or couples are opting to get pets. I feel like I’ve been seeing more puppers inside strollers than actual human babies. That just goes to show how Filipinos can treat their own pets like they would their own flesh and blood. For all “fur-parents” out there, check out the article below on how to make your fur-babies feel at home right in your own home.

First things first. Make sure your home is as pet-friendly as possible.

How to Make a Pet-Friendly Home

It’s tempting to immediately pour your money in buying cute and expensive accessories like beds and mats for your dogs and cats. But, always make sure to cover the basics first like ensuring your pet’s safety at home.

Make it pet-friendly, make it pet-safe.

One of the worst and most annoying thing that can happen to our fur-babies is a flea infestation. You see them itching and scratching all day long until their skin is red and sore. Aside from the fact that a flea infestation can cause health problems to your pets, it’s just downright disgusting.

Pets Not Pests! Here’s How Boysen Bug Off is Useful to Pet Owners Too

Here’s an option to make the walls of your home extra hard working to keep your pets safe from these blood suckers. Of course, don’t forget to clean regularly and to seek your vet’s prescription in order to annihilate or prevent any fleas in the future.

Here comes the fun part. DIY pet stuff!

So you’ve covered all your bases and made sure your home is at pet-friendly as it can ever be. Let’s get to the fun part. Now, you can always just purchase items for your pets. But if you want to make it just a little bit more personal for the light and love of your life that is your pet, check out these videos below!

How to Make Your Own Pet Dish Riser (VIDEO)

Do you have a larger breed of dog such as a Golden Retriever, a German Shepherd, or a Doberman? Then working on your very own pet dish riser could be a great weekend project. Having a pet riser makes easier for bigger puppers to eat as they don’t have to bend down too much. This can help prevent any back problems in the future.

This idea can also work for smaller pups like Shih Tzus and Pugs, especially if they’re in their senior years. Older dogs tend to have arthritis in their joints that make it hard for them to bend down while eating. Math the math and adjust the pet dish riser accordingly.

Dog Leash Organizer (VIDEO)

If you’ve been blessed with an active pup that need a lot of walkies to burn off their energy, you probably have a lot of toys and leashes to keep them engaged. DIY your own organizer that can double as wall art!

We’d Love to Hear From You

All of our DIY videos are geared towards puppers. Are there any cat-related DIYs that you want to see in the blog? Comment down below or send us an email at We’d love to know your suggestions. Happy DIYing!


Inah is an avid overplanner with a manic desire to organize everything. She dedicates most of her time and attention to her two chunky dogs, Prince and Peanut. If there's a bit of extra time on hand, she will spring clean her entire house.

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