What are the popular paint colors of 2019?

  1. ENGAGE: Sunset March
  2. ENABLE: Crystal Gems
  3. ENLIGHTEN: All Natural
  4. ENCHANT: Forbidden Forest


A number of MyBoysen paint colors in the year 2019 is directly inspired by nature. Trends come and go but these shades are timeless. These 2019 paint colors truly capture the essence of nature’s energy. Scroll down to read more about these natural paint shades.

ENGAGE: Sunset March

orange sunset with mountains

Inspired by Nature: Paint Colors of 2019

The ENGAGE Color Palette of MyBoysen is a unique set of energetic colors that can accent walls and bring rooms back to life. It’s bold and playful, perfect for an active individual who wants to exemplify creativity, express himself, and show off his aesthetic.

Minimalism is thrown out the window with this palette. Instead, it creates bold and strong interior designs with the shade Sunset March. This color can be a great kitchen accent wall shade. The bright color adds just enough pop of energy without being too much when combined with neutral cabinets and cool metal fixtures.

If you want energy elsewhere, add a touch of the retro style by using Sunset March in your living room. You can create an entirely different 70s-inspired vibe with the bright, energetic orange and some psychedelic furniture. It’s a welcoming alternative to your typical Scandinavian, minimalistic interior design and color palette.

ENABLE: Crystal Gems

Close up of light purple gems

Inspired by Nature: Paint Colors of 2019

2019 has been a year of productivity and positivity. It’s time to keep moving forward and never look back. Creating a space to promote these exact traits is crucial for many busy individuals. Through the power of color, promote serenity and inspiration with the ENABLE Color Palette from MyBoysen.

In particular, the shade Crystal Gems can highlight and create the productive energy you desire. Don’t underestimate the light color of Crystal Gems. It still creates a significant impact on otherwise simple interior design. The color is also adaptable that you can use it for your living room, office, bedrooms, and as a trim to dark accent colors.

Use Crystal Gems through sponge painting or dry brushing techniques to add texture and interest to any wall. Alternatively, you can use it as a base for different patterns such as polka dots and diamond shapes. Crystal Gems lets you be creative while also promoting calm and peace. Add a touch of Crystal Gems to your interior today.

ENLIGHTEN: All Natural

Close up of dry, cracked soil

Inspired by Nature: Paint Colors of 2019

For fans of minimalism, Scandanavian design, and contemporary style, the ENLIGHTEN Color Palette is the one for you. This subdued, yet natural take on minimalism is just right. It’s comforting and peaceful. You can create the sanctuary you need, perfect for bedrooms, family rooms, and living rooms.

Embody subtlety with earthy pigments like All Natural. All Natural is the perfect, neutral brown shade that is reminiscent of creamy cocoa. Bring this warm and welcoming shade to your living and dining room for a subtle look. Combine All Natural with nature-inspired textures such as rattan, bamboo, and burlap.

ENLIGHTEN’s All Natural paint color offers a visual and tactile experience. Grounding yourself with this hue can bring harmony to your mind and body. It connects you to the earth and allows you to kick back and relax. If you already have a rustic design for your interiors, try the ENLIGHTEN set and the All Natural shade to further enhance the look of your home.

ENCHANT: Forbidden Forest

Wide shot of a lush green forest

Inspired by Nature: Paint Colors of 2019

No one should ever be afraid of dark paint. Push your interior design skills to the edge with a dark palette like ENCHANT. Despite its intense colors, the deep colors are not overwhelming. Its enchanting colors will capture anyone’s interest.

In small spaces, you can make dark paint colors work for you. Use it in small doses and inject a jewel-tone intensity into your home. One of the jewels in the ENCHANT Color Palette is a deep, cool, forest green called Forbidden Forest. It is a color that resembles trees in a lush forest during a cold day.

Accent your walls with Forbidden Forest by applying it in smooth layers. It can work well to emphasize light colors, to create interesting trims, and to form unique color-blocking designs. Forbidden Forest looks great with subdued grays for a neutral take, and purple jewel tones for a complementary palette. If there’s a room that you want to look and feel luxurious, use Enchant and Forbidden Forest.

Key Takeaway

These nature-inspired paint colors from MyBoysen’s 2019 color trends are timeless choices you can incorporate at any time. Nature’s energy is embodied in each of these 2019 paint colors and it can level up the look of your interiors easily. Each shade promises a different aesthetic and purpose without driving away from the natural aspect. Use it for any room or wall and create unique designs at home. Before 2019 ends, update your interiors now with these amazing colors.


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