Healthy Home is Boysen’s antibacterial, odor-less, water-based paint that has a satin finish for interior concrete and drywall surfaces. The special feature of this product is its antibacterial protection technology which gives an extra defense against bacteria such as E. coli and Salmonella, as well as mildew and fungus.

Why is this important? For one, it helps keep your family safer when you have surfaces that also give your interiors this antibacterial protection. Second, it prevents mildew and fungus from growing on your walls especially in moist areas in the house like bathrooms and kitchens.

How does it work? When the applied paint coating is fully cured, the antibacterial additive provides microscopic needles that pierce the bacteria cell wall on contact, killing it immediately. The action is physical rather than chemical, thus mutation of the bacteria will not progress.

An additional product feature that is also important is that it is odor-less. It is possible to paint your walls and you can stay in the room since there are no smells that could bring discomfort.

The Readily Available Colors of Boysen Healthy Home

Readily Available Paint Colors of Boysen Healthy Home | MyBoysen

These eight colors are readily available at our Boysen Mix and Match Stations. Click on the link to check the location that is nearest you.

Unlike in the Virtuoso article where we tackled each color one by one, here we’ve made a combination of two colors for Boysen Healthy Home.

Shining Ochre and Clean Slate

Readily Available Paint Colors of Boysen Healthy Home | MyBoysen

For the trendy among you, the Shining Ochre and Clean Slate combination is the way to go if you want to get the yellow and grey combo of the Pantone Color(s) of the Year for 2021.

The mix of warm and cool colors make for an interesting interior like the kitchen above. Use wooden materials to bring up the warmth factor, always a perfect ambience for a kitchen.

The cheerful yellow will certainly perk you up as you go about your day starting with a Pinoy breakfast and kape barako.

Serene Lake and Light Tan

Readily Available Paint Colors of Boysen Healthy Home | MyBoysen

This is a very relaxing, classical combination of light blue and beige. The soft hues bring a peaceful and tranquil vibe to any room. If you need this kind of ambience in your space to ground you, then go for this tried and tested color pairing.

Think of a place where you can unwind, where you can talk quietly about the crucial as well as the banal, where you can be yourself and know that you are loved. The combination of Serene Lake and Light Tan provides this nurturing energy.

Bloom and Flora

Readily Available Paint Colors of Boysen Healthy Home | MyBoysen

The paint colors and names Bloom and Flora make you think of green foliage, the delicate scent of flowers, a slight breeze, dappled sunlight, your very own secret bower where time bends to your will to delight your senses.

This combination looks natural and harmonious, and has this old-world elegant and romantic feel. For those who love the cottagecore aesthetics, this one’s for you.

Fresh Air and Rosy

Readily Available Paint Colors of Boysen Healthy Home | MyBoysen

Blue and pink, another tried and tested color combination, bring a feeling of optimism and joy.

In 2016, Pantone came up with a similar color combination with Rose Quartz and Serenity. The intention was to bring in “welcoming colors that psychologically fulfill our yearning for reassurance and security (Pantone)” in these stress-filled times.

That was for 2016. How much more do you think we need reassurance and security now? Try this color combo in your bedroom and rest in the warm embrace of Fresh Air and Rosy.

Use colors to help you with mindful living, and to feel appreciation and gratefulness despite the challenges you face. As author and motivational speaker Wayne Dyer said,

Rather than asking for more—which implies shortages and, therefore, creates a vibrational match to more shortages—focus on what you have and how thankful you are for everything that has shown up in your life.”

For more information about Boysen Healthy Home, visit the website.


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