We’re all about making your house a warm and colorful home here at Let it B. Yes, you can definitely and instantly breathe new life into a space with a fresh coat of paint. But, let’s be honest here. We don’t always have the time to invest in such a major project like repainting whole walls. Can you only spare few hours on the weekend for a quick project? Try spicing up your living space with interesting doorways! Let’s send a little bit of love into these odd spaces at home with some easy and colorful paint inspirations.

Don’t be Square

Almost all the doors I’ve come across with throughout my life have been rectangles. And there’s nothing wrong with that, of course. I’m just saying all these straight lines can be a little bit too clean and sharp sometimes. Fabricate a more interesting doorway by creating your own shape with some paint! Round out the edges a little bit to create a softer look and feel for your living space.

Frame It

Turn any entrance into a grand entrance by painting around your doorframe. Make it extra fancy by painting on something quirky like this scalloped design in the Instagram post above. Try it in a fun color like this bright pink, too! Framing your doorways is a unique but easy way to add a pop of color into your living space. Not to mention, it instantly elevates your entryways into an automatic Instagram selfie spot.

Create Contrast

Working from home is now considered a norm in our societies. Sometimes, it’s so difficult to properly separate your home life and your work life because it all happens in the same space. Construct a sort of delineation between your working area and the rest of your home with a contrasting color on your doorways. Step through this burst of color and slowly shed your work persona. Home is where you need to rest and recharge.

Add More Color to the Home

If you feel inspired to tackle any of these projects though, make sure to use the correct paint. For painting the concrete walls around your doorway, you can use paints like Boysen Permacoat. Painting wooden door jambs or the actual door? Use paints like Quick Drying Enamel.

Why stop at doorways? There are so many other ways to add little pops of beautiful and fun colors around the house. Check this other article out on how to do so.

How to Add Pops of Colors into Your Home

Do you have any other ideas on how to make your home extra colorful? Or is there any other overlooked places around the house that you think we need to tackle here in the blog? Let us know by sending an email at ask@myboysen.com. Of course, you can also send your inquiries regarding paint and colors there too. We’re always happy to help.

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