How do you style a bedroom and home office? This article was contributed by Jules Cruz. Her original post can be found here.

Can you possibly furnish a home with all things SM Home? You sure can. And that was the challenge given to me by SM Home’s AVP for Marketing Tom Castaneda. He called me one morning for a quick brief. Before I knew it, I was inside SM Makati’s 5th floor at five in the morning. It was exhilarating! We only had a few hours to choose, pull, and decorate each space before the mall opened. I felt like I was in a reality TV show.

SM Home’s Complete Your Home campaign has been running since June. We actually worked with existing frames/spaces originally designed by interior designers. So it was such a tall order because we’re not licensed interior designers! ???? This just goes to show that even normal people (like you and me) can actually make beautiful spaces and source all items under one roof. All you need is to get creative and have fun in the process.

THE BRIEF: We are furnishing spaces for a young newly-married couple. The husband is in finance and the wife is in marketing. ????

BEHIND-THE-SCENES: These are the frames we worked with. Notice Boysen’s special walls and paint colors! That’s Lory and I with her daughter Irvette. Lory is actually our helper who also loves handling styling projects with me. This is also her side gig! ????

The Bedroom

For this vignette, I chose to highlight Boysen’s interesting ombre wall paint against a light beige upholstered bed frame and matching nightstands. A pair of black modern droplights was added for form and function, and help keep both side tables spacious for the couple’s personal things. A light wood toned 5-drawer cabinet is also on display for added storage.

Muted colors and different textures were used that go well with choice accessories such as graphic throw pillows, a chunky blanket, area rugs with geometric print, a nice stool, and some table knick-knacks. It’s possible to create a relaxing and airy ambience in a master bedroom while injecting some character into the space. The result is a fresh, modern, minimalist vibe perfect for a young couple. You can find all of these right here in SM Home.

The Home Office

I styled a space for the couple to catch up on their reading, work on their finances, or simply talk about their day. With Boysen’s cheery combination of Techy Romantic, Space Encounter, and Shimmer Shake, this home office beams with energy and optimism through clever use of colors using a dynamic geometric pattern. These lines continue with the use of a cage light and an accent area rug.

The room is kept functional with spacious ladder-type bookshelves and an ample-sized work desk. The sofa bed is a comfy reading nook that doubles as extra sleeping space for their guests. A floor lamp adds useful lighting for the desk, while carefully selected accessories infuse warmth and character into the space. With the couple’s hectic professions and fast-paced lifestyles, I envisioned a vibrant yet peaceful home office that doesn’t feel like work.

Do visit SM Makati’s 5th floor for our latest display! ???? It’s there for the whole month of August.







Julienne Cruz has been in the real estate industry for ten years and currently serves as the Asst. Vice President for Marketing and Communications with one of the top Philippine real estate developers. She founded The Style Hobbyist last year as her passion project and creative outlet, which quickly grew into a thriving business. With her innate eye for style, passion for great design, and experience in marketing, she helps homeowners achieve beautiful spaces loaded with character – at budget-friendly costs. Julienne loves working around a piece of artwork as her inspiration and lists Mid-Century Modern, Industrial, Minimalist, Contemporary, Eclectic, and Rustic as her top design influences. She took up interior styling at the School of Fashion and Arts (SoFA) and her works have been featured on Real Living online and Cosmopolitan magazine.

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