What’s the color of summer for you? For me, it’s definitely yellow. This bright and happy color is the epitome of warm sunshine and cool refreshing drinks. Yellow is the color associated with hope, laughter, warmth, and energy. With this humidity? I can definitely use some of that!

Bjorn Again

Summer in Scandinavia | MyBoysen

We all start our day with a shower. Well, at least, I’m hoping so. It washes away the “warmth” and grogginess of having been in bed for 6 hours. (8, if you’re one of the lucky ones.) Make sure to wake yourself up by painting your bathroom walls with the zesty hue of Bjorn Again. Invest in citrus-scented cleansers and soaps while you’re at it. They’re known to wake you up!

Swede Head

Summer in Scandinavia | MyBoysenOne thing that we take for granted is breakfast. We’re always trying to rush through our morning routines that we deliberately try to convince ourselves that a cup of coffee is a good enough morning sustenance. Well, it’s not. While having breakfast everyday might be too unrealistic for some, try to carve out some time on the weekends instead. With the energetic yellow hue of Swede Head, every weekend breakfast is going to feel extra special.

Three CrownsSummer in Scandinavia | MyBoysen

Our jam-packed lives make it so hard for us to just sit back and enjoy some sunshine now and again. We wake up before the sun’s out, commute to work, stay in our office until sun down, and go back home again. Instead of taking a Vitamin D supplement, go for the real thing instead! Carve out some time in the weekend to just get some sun. Of course, make sure you’re not overdoing it. We’re trying to get vitamins, not a sunburn. Paint your sun room’s walls with the bright hue of Three Crowns, set up a sitting area, and sun away!


Summer in Scandinavia | MyBoysenDo you know what I miss the most about summer? Summer vacations as a child. We don’t get that anymore once we turn into working adults. If you’re working from home, the least you can do is create a work space that still feels like a vacation. Try painting your workspace with a deep honey yellow hue of Bonfire. It’s bright enough to let you power through all your conference calls but not too distracting. Remember to hydrate yourself as you go about your work day. Since we’re trying to embody a summer vacation, make your drink extra fancy with a lemon slice!

The Color Library

These colors are a part of a special set of colors inspired by Scandinavian interior design. If you find yourself along the Mall of Asia Compound, drop by Boysen’s first ever concept store, The Color Library, to check them out! Talk to any of our Color Consultants or simply use the large touch screen TV located in the middle of the store to browse through these Scandinavian-inspired hues. These colors are available in Virtuoso Silk Touch, an easy-clean interior paint that dries to a luxurious matte finish.

If you have any other question on paints, colors, and the like, email us at ask@myboysen.com. We’re always happy to help. If you do drop by The Color Library, make sure you have your phones ready to take some Instagram-worthy shots! Tag us on Facebook and Instagram! Happy painting!


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