People, please take care of your roofs. Roofs?  need ?   love ?  too ? .  Louder for the people at the back! Way back when, my parents took our roof for granted. They only purchased those corrugated metal sheets (read: “yero”) as our roofing material. The worse part is, I don’t even think they even had them painted. When the weather’s nice and sunny, it’s all well and good. But come rainy season…holy nuggets, we had empty buckets placed all around the house catching the drips from the ceiling! The problem snowballed. The rain water that dripped down from the roof seeped through our drywall ceilings. Aaaaaand…now the ceiling is done for too. So, here we are. Welcome to another instalment of The Boysen Way! This time, we’ll be going through the systems and the best types of Boysen Paint for metal roofs.

Prepping the Metal Substrates

But before we dive into the different types of metal substrates and their respective systems, let’s talk about surface preparation. That’s right. You cannot skip this part. You can’t just paint on the topcoat and hope for the better. Trust me, rusting is such a huge hassle! Working on a brand new metal substrate? Read the article down below to know how to prep it properly!

Surface Preparation: New Metal Surfaces

But what about pre-painted metal substrates? Look no further, we’ve got the right article for you below.

Surface Preparation: Repainting Metal Surfaces


Boysen Paints for Metal Roofing

Boysen has two paints for metal roofings that you can choose from. The first one is our classic roofing paint, Boysen Roofgard. Good news! If you go for this topcoat, you actually have several primer options to choose from. You can either prime the metal roofing with Boysen Primeguard, Boysen Rust-Off, Boysen Red Oxide Metal Primer, or Boysen Epoxy Primer in Gray or Red Oxide shades. It comes in several lovely shades, the most popular of which is Spanish Red and Baguio Green. Take a look for yourself!

The Boysen Way: Metal Roofings | MyBoysen

Want to take your roofing experience one step further? (Well that’s a sentence I never thought I’d say.) Try Boysen Cool Shades. It’s an all-around stellar roof paint and more! Formulated with infrared-reflecting pigments, it can actually reflect some heat off of your roof so that it doesn’t travel inside your home! While all of the available variants of Cool Shades have the property to reflect heat, the best option is to go with white.

Using Cool Shades Paint to Help Mother Earth

Doesn’t it feel extra hot for you when you go out wearing black during summer? It’s the same thing with our roofs! If you’re planning to use Boysen Cool Shades, use Boysen Primeguard in White. According to our Research & Development Team, it’s the best option for optimum heat reflection.

In Conclusion

Roofing is probably one of the last things we have in mind if we’re dreaming up of our renovation project. Because we barely see it, right? Remember that our roofs are some of the most weather-beaten parts of our house. It endures the harshest sun and the stormiest of weather. We better give it some TLC before it’s too late!

Just to recap, if you’re planning to use Boysen Roofgard, here are the steps:

The Boysen Way: Metal Roofs | Roofgard | MyBoysen

But, if you’re going for Cool Shades, this is the way to go:

The Boysen Way: Metal Roofs | Cool Shades | MyBoysen

If you have any other questions on paints, roofing, or any other related problems, send us an email at! Happy painting!


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