So far, we’ve already featured 3 articles on how to achieve the colorful concrete look with some finishes from Konstrukt Lunar Series. We’ve tackled Koastal, Korona, and Kanyon.  This time around, let’s play with colors using the Konstukt Lunar Series Kavern finish! Here, we’ll give you another 3 lovely options for you to spice up your modern concrete look at home.

Konstrukt Lunar Series Kavern

Konstrukt Lunar Series Kavern is one of the 9 different finishes you can achieve just by using regular Konstrukt Construction Chemicals products such as their skimcoats and renders. If you need a refresher on how to achieve the finish, read through the article below!

Konstrukt Lunar Series: A Guide to the Kavern Finish

In the article, we mentioned that you can leave the Konstrukt Lunar Series Kavern as it is. That is, if you’re going for that modern concrete look. But, you can definitely get some regular water-based latex paint to topcoat it as well. Want a pop of color in your living space? Not sure what colors would go well with Kavern? Fret not, we have three options for you below to get you started!

Pretty in Pink

The Colorful Concrete Look: Konstrukt Lunar Series Kavern | MyBoysenThe Colorful Concrete Look: Konstrukt Lunar Series Kavern | MyBoysen

Is pink your favorite color? Why not use this pretty blushing hue for your colorful concrete look? Here, we used the color A Lot of Love from our Boysen Color Palette. If it’s a little too bright for you, you can always opt for a more muted shade of pink. Or, why not paint just an accent wall with it?

Pink is shown to tone down stress levels and aggression. It seems like the perfect color for a bathroom. Imagine all your pent-up stress and frustration from work just melting away as you soak in a hot tub. Sounds good, right?

Optimistic in Orange

The Colorful Concrete Look: Konstrukt Lunar Series Kavern | MyBoysenThe Colorful Concrete Look: Konstrukt Lunar Series Kavern | MyBoysen

We’re usually tempted to pick whites and off-whites for our interior living spaces. I can’t blame you, though. It’s easy to match any kind of furniture or accent pieces with a plain background. But, what if we make the wall itself the statement piece? Something about the color orange just grabs attention, you know?

Orange is a very energetic and happy color. It’s not as intense as reds; but, it injects a good amount of energy into any living space. If you’re planning to spruce up your living room or your work station, consider getting an orange hued paint like Trumpet Flower!

Grounded in Gray

The Colorful Concrete Look: Konstrukt Lunar Series Kavern | MyBoysenThe Colorful Concrete Look: Konstrukt Lunar Series Kavern | MyBoysen

Yeah, yeah. I know we’re trying to veer away from the industrial cement look. But, we’ve got to give some love to folks who prefer darker, more subdued colors for their space. We picked a color that is kind of similar to the shade of regular cement, just a little bit darker. Painting the color Backwater over your Kavern finish makes the space look more put together!

Gray doesn’t have to dark, dreary, or boring. If you don’t like how stark whites and off whites can be in a room, pick shades of gray as your neutral-toned wall color. It can really bring out the hues of your accent pieces or furniture.

Some Final Thoughts

Excited to try out these colorful concrete looks with Konstrukt Lunar Series Kavern? Before you get started though, please remember that the application of the Kavern finish itself is best done by a seasoned professional. However, you can definitely DIY the colored topcoat! All the colors we featured here are from our Boysen Color Palette fandeck. So if you’re still on the fence about what color to choose, you can pick from the other 1,317 colors in the palette!

Do you have any other questions about Konstrukt Lunar Series? Send us an email at to let us know! We’re always happy to help! And if you do any of these finishes at home, send us a picture on our Instagram or Facebook account! Happy painting!


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