The modern concrete look is still all the rage. I see it on Pinterest, on Facebook, and on Instagram. It’s everywhere! This look is so versatile. Going for a more industrial look? No worries. Tropical? Yup, it can be achieved! No problemo. While I also like the look of a simple and sophisticated cement-finish wall, I just can’t imagine myself in a predominantly gray room. I still love pops of color in my living space. Can you combine both looks, though? With the Konstrukt Lunar Series Korona, the colorful concrete look is definitely possible.

Konstrukt Lunar Series Korona

We’ve already posted this finish here in the blog before. Need to jog your memory? Click here. We’ve named this finish Korona not because of the ongoing pandemic, but because it looks regal. The way it’s done creates crevices in the surface that catches the light in such a stunning way. While it does look good as a cement finish, you can also tint this finish’s protective coating with two colors.

Burning for Sienna

The final coat for Konstrukt Lunar Series Korona finish is Matte Shield. It’s a clear, matte coating that protects your lovely Korona finish from common household stains while imparting a luxurious matte finish. Mix some Boysen Latex Colors B-1408 Burnt Sienna into Matte Shield before applying this topcoat. Just remember that you can only mix in a maximum of 1/4 Liter of the water-based colorant into a 4-Liter can of Matte Shield. Once applied, the outcome is a warmer shade of cement that completes the cozy atmosphere of a living room!

When in Venice

Need something more vibrant? Try B-1477 Venetian Red. When mixed into Matte Shield, Venetian Red creates a more orange-toned hue that can really up the energy of a space. According to color psychology, orange can be very uplifting. It’s considered the color of friendliness or of being sociable. Love hosting parties at home? This might be the perfect shade for you. Like for Burnt Sienna, you can only use a maximum of 1/4 Liter of Venetian Red mixed into a gallon of Matte Shield. You can always do a bit less if you just want a hint of color. But nothing more!

The Colorful Concrete Look

Why only two colors? So far, we’ve only tested Burnt Sienna and Venetian Red with our Konstrukt Lunar Series finishes. There are some like the Koastal finish that can be painted on, but unfortunately, Korona is a little bit trickier. You can always play around with the amount of colorant used to tint this finish. Just as long as you follow our ratio of 1:16, Matte Shield to colorant, respectively. Also, always keep in mind that while we try to explain the step by step process of Konstrukt Lunar Series down to a tee, this project is something that seasoned professionals should work on.

Final Thoughts

How about you? How would you style the colorful modern concrete look? Got any ideas, questions, random comments? Send us an email at and we’ll get back at you ASAP. We’re always happy to help!


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