Use green paint to make your home brim with organic touches. It’s good for your eyes and great for that feeling of harmony and freshness. Here are the latest green paint colors from Boysen Color Trend 2024-2025.

The Greens in Boysen Color Trend 2024-2025 | MyBoysen

Quiet Meditations from the Awakening Color Palette

Quiet Meditations (BCT24-7518S) is a very dark grayish cyan. It’s so dark that many would not be comfortable splashing this color on a major wall. If that’s how you feel, then give it a try as an accent color. If you’re following the 60-30-10 rule in painting, then you can use the light gray Calm Mind (BCT24-7022S) of the same color palette Awakening to coat most of the surfaces. There’s also the creamy Soulful Solace (BCT24-7209S) if you want a warmer and brighter vibe to the space.

The Greens in Boysen Color Trend 2024-2025 | MyBoysen
Photo Credit: Minh Pham

Sage’s Remedy from the Alchemy Color Palette

Sage’s Remedy is a dark cyan from the Alchemy color palette. It has mostly cyan, then black, with a dash of yellow. Although it is lighter than Quiet Meditations, it is still a dramatic color. This is a perfect backdrop for your indoor plants, especially those with dark foliage, with touches of red, or with bright green leaves.

Plants inside the home give a fresh and organic feel to your rooms, and makes a soothing haven for you to get rested and reinvigorated after a busy day outside. Some plants, like snake plant, aloe vera, peace lily, are even approved by NASA to improve air quality indoors.

The Greens in Boysen Color Trend 2024-2025 | MyBoysen
Photo Credit: Lakeisha Bennett

Nature Walk from the Abundance Color Palette

Nature Walk (BCT24-7515S) from the Abundance color palette is a dark desaturated lime green. I like this color a lot because it’s bright and joyful yet not too intense. It still has the soothing quality to it because it contains a little bit more yellow than black and cyan. This is perfect for a home office where you need the green to help your eyes relax when you stare at it instead of your screen. It’s also bright enough to keep your energy up when you have deadlines looming.

The Greens in Boysen Color Trend 2024-2025 | MyBoysen
Photo Credit: Євгенія Височина

Life Sprout from the Abundance Color Palette

Life Sprout (BCT24-7516S), also from the Abundance color palette, is arguably more yellow than green. But it’s such a lovely color to have in the house because it can brighten up any corner. This pairs perfectly with white for that crisp, clean look. If you’re looking for a white to go with it, check out Boysen’s all-time favorite Tulle White (Boysen Permacoat Semi-Gloss Latex Paint B-7501). Make it a backdrop for some yellow flowers. Your home will feel like spring and sunshine have taken up residence in your home.

The Greens in Boysen Color Trend 2024-2025 | MyBoysen
Photo Credit: Jason Leung

The Greens in Boysen Color Trend 2024-2025

With the sun glaring out of a blue sky nowadays, it may be easier to limit your trips outside the home. If you want your Vitamin D, go out early in the morning when the heat is still below 40 degrees celsius.

Bring the outdoors inside your home with these fresh and new green colors from the latest Boysen Color Trend. If you’re lucky enough to have outdoor spaces like a garden, terrace, or patio, then these tips could come in handy for you.

Go visit The Color Library (near IKEA in MOA) if you’re in Manila to check out these colors and more.  For those who can’t make it to MOA, you can visit any Boysen Mix and Match Station in the country. Find the one nearest you in this directory.

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