So what were the homies interested to watch in 2022? A video which was made in 2017, Painting 101, is still viewed a lot. Since it lays out the basics of the use of Boysen products, this is not surprising that the interest for it is high.

On the other hand, a video which came out only a few weeks ago tops the list. Dibuho Kisame is a story of artists who painted the ceiling of a church in a paradise island in the Visayas. The story is captivating despite not having the usual bells and whistles of film-making.

Here are the top Let it B videos that got the most eyeballs.

Dressing Up Your Dresser

Scandi lovers, this is for you. Do you have a dresser that needs a makeover? Watch this video. It provides a step-by-step guide on how to make it look fresh and modern. This would bring your old dresser to the modern times.

More tips here.

Painting 101

This video covers the basics of painting on different surfaces, and is a good guide for newbies, experienced DIYers, and even professional painters. The beauty of this video is that it can be used as a basic resource like a dictionary. I suggest you have this in your LIKE folder so you don’t have to search for it the next time you need it.

More about Boysen Painting 101 here.

How to Paint a Faux Wood Textured Wall

For those who are not fans of textured walls, skip this. But if you do love textured walls, this is a video to watch. It uses a simple everyday “tool”. like an empty tube container to give that faux wood finish.

Read more about it in this post.

The Color Wheel Using Boysen Colorants

You can make your own pastel colors by using Boysen colorants. Learn how to do it in this post, which also teaches about the color wheel. A few drops of colorant on white paint will give you these fresh, happy colors.

Click on this link to know more about the available tinting colors from Boysen.

How to Open the Boysen Plastic Cans

(VIDEOS) How to Open the Boysen Plastic Cans

This post has several videos that will take you through the best way to open our paint cans. Yes, it is not as easy to open the new cans as before and the reason is simple. Boysen has made it tamper-proof to make sure you get the Boysen quality that our brand promises.

Once you get the hang of it, opening a new Boysen paint can would not be so tricky anymore.

The Video with the Most Views

That this video garnered the most views despite that we only published this 2 weeks ago gives a very good feeling. I am happy to say that Dibuho Kisame got the most views. The video tells a tale of faith about artists who came together to paint a ceiling in a church on an island paradise in the country.

Read more about their journey here.

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