Let’s go straight to it! This is the time wherein unicorn-themed stuff is just a must-have for everything. From makeups, brushes, purses, bags, sleepwear, pillows and even a Frappuccino drink at Starbucks is also inspired by the unicorn. 

One thing for sure, the colors of the unicorn which is a blend of pink, lilac and aqua blue creates the sync of sweetness. If you’re into the unicorn feel and if it makes you feel good. Why not translate these colors and make it visible into your kitchen walls? 

Unicorn-Inspired Kitchen Makeover

Boysen offers a huge variety of paint choices for this kitchen wall project. If you opt for a glossy finish, Boysen offers Permacoat Semi-Gloss, Acrytex Gloss, and many more. Meanwhile, Boysen also has Perlescente which is their line of metallic paints. BOYSEN® DECORe™ Perlescente™ paints uses natural oxides to create interiors with hints of gold and silver gleaming through its strong or subtle colors.

Unicorn-Inspired Kitchen Makeover

Choose Your Colors

The ideal color palette to use in this unicorn-themed wall is in the shades of pastel pink, aqua blue, lilac, plus white or gold. Remember that it is ideal to play with only three or four colors for a certain space, so that it would not feel so overwhelming and complicated.  These color palettes are just guides to help you out in making your unicorn-themed kitchen come true. 

Blush Pink and Gold

A touch of pink on your wall will instantly hit your craving for cotton candy. Pink does give an appeal of softness in the kitchen wall. It creates that perfect pitch to deliver that unicorn-themed effect. Pink go well with gold and purple. Meanwhile, gold paint can go well with your kitchen cabinets or the pantry door.

Unicorn-Inspired Kitchen Makeover

Powder Blue and Lilac

Go with baby blue or powder blue for your walls. This color will go well if you aren’t so much into the fad of pink or you’re feeling fifty/fifty over the idea. Pair this with lilac for your wall linings or cornice. These colors will also play well with white kitchen cabinets.

Unicorn-Inspired Kitchen Makeover

Pink, Blue and Lilac

Create a striped accent wall for your kitchen using pink, blue and lilac. Although the striped technique on your wall requires loads of time, the end result will be worth it. Either vertical or horizontal, choose what works for your home. Vertical lines tend to make a space look higher. It tricks the eye to look up, making the look of a home seem to have a high ceiling. Meanwhile, horizontal lines visually make the appearance of a room look wider. 

Apply the base coat of your choice from the three colors. Ensure that the base is thoroughly dry before you apply your markings using a pencil and a painter’s tape. The standard measurement on the wall for this effect is 8 inches wide. If you’re all set, using a paint roller, cover the entire area of the stripe with another paint color of your choice. Do this step again with the last paint of your choice until the wall is covered with these three paint colors.

These may not be painted stripes on a wall but do see this video to show you how to paint a wall in different colors.

Boysen offers assorted line of paints  to achieve this unicorn-themed appeal for your kitchen. You can choose from a variety of paint offerings, from glossy or even metallic finishes. Boysen paints are made with high-quality materials that will give the perfect finish to your wall projects. For questions, please email ask@myboysen.com.



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