A recent survey was commissioned by paper manufacturers G. F. Smith.  It asked 26,000+ people from more than 100 countries the question what the most relaxing color in the world is.  The reply was dark blue. To get the look, check out some of the blue Boysen paint colors.

The survey showed that if you combine dark blue, turquoise and pink, you will achieve calmness.. Above are the swatches of the different blue Boysen paint colors.

Relaxation and Calm

In color psychology people associate blue with calmness, serenity, peacefulness, tranquillity, security, orderliness. It is considered a non-threatening color that can be combined with many other colors.

To inspire you, here are some photos of rooms.


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Stress Levels

Another survey from Britain’s Mental Health Foundation showed that “nearly three quarters of Britons have felt overwhelmed by stress in the last year”.

In the US, a survey carried out by the American Psychological Association has found that the youngest members of society, from millennials to Gen Xers to Gen Zs, experience the most stress. “More than 6 in 10 Americans (62 percent) reported that the current political climate is a significant stressor, and more than two-thirds (69 percent) reported that the nation’s future causes them stress.”

As for the Philippines, there is an increase in mental illnesses in our young people. Sadly, I have seen this firsthand with children of friends of mine. There are no available statistics but this should be an indication of what is going on in the country.

Earlier this year, the country took a step closer in having its own mental health law. Last year, a national hotline for mental health assistance went live. Online, concerned citizens pass around hotlines and resources to refer psychiatrists and mental health resources to each other – both an indication of how much of a problem it is in the Philippines, and how Filipinos are now starting to openly seek help. – Rappler

A more recent article talked about the global well-being index.

Gallup’s annual Global Emotions report, which was released Thursday, found that the Philippines placed second in the list of most stressed countries, with 58% saying they had experienced a lot of stress a day before the poll was conducted in 2018. – Philstar

The Boysen Blues

If G.F. Smith’s recent survey about the most relaxing color in the world is right, then why not give this a chance, right? Paint is also a very cost-effective way to achieve maximum impact in a space. Help yourself and those you love to have a relaxing ambience at home.

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