As a child, I remember waking up super early on December 31st so I can accompany my mom to the nearby palengke. She, along with other adults with their unskilled and unpaid labor (children), would frantically scour the local market for a variety of round fruits to welcome the new year. Filipinos will usually prepare 12 (or sometimes 13) round fruits during their Media Noche. Round fruits have come to symbolize wealth, luck, and prosperity for the new year. Here’s a list of fruits to add to your grocery list!

1. Apples

12 Round Fruits for the New Year | MyBoysenAs the saying goes, “An apple a day keeps the doctor away.” This pantry staple is a bright and vibrant addition to your New Year’s spread. And, it makes for a quick, healthy snack!

2. Pears

12 Round Fruits for the New Year | MyBoysenIf you can, get the round Asian variety than the other types of pear available in the market. This sweet and refreshing fruit can be eaten on its own. Or, grated into a pulp that can be added into Korean and Japanese dishes.

3. Grapes

12 Round Fruits for the New Year | MyBoysenDo you also have a love and hate relationship with grapes? Get the seedless variety, it makes a world of a difference. Serve this fruit straight from the fridge for a refreshingly cool snack.

4. Watermelons

12 Round Fruits for the New Year | MyBoysenHaving a lot of guests over to celebrate the New Year’s? Make sure you have a watermelon in your handa. It might take up like most of your dinner table but it sure can feed a lot of people!

5. Cherries

12 Round Fruits for the New Year | MyBoysenAdd a bright pop of red into your celebration spread with some cherries! Have it as a snack right after festivities or jazz up your ice cream with a sweet cherry on top.

6. Oranges

12 Round Fruits for the New Year | MyBoysenThe Chinese word for oranges sounds a lot like “wealth.” So, make sure to include a couple of oranges in your fruit bowl to welcome a prosperous new year.

7. Pomelos

12 Round Fruits for the New Year | MyBoysenPomelos are one of the largest types of citrus fruit. Local pomelos, especially those grown in Davao del Sur, are some of the sweetest varieties you can get your hands on.

8. Pineapples

12 Round Fruits for the New Year | MyBoysenSome might argue that pineapples aren’t perfectly round. But who can pass up on such a quintessentially Filipino treat? You can use it afterwards in fruit or macaroni salads or try your hand at some pininyahang manok!

9. Lanzones

12 Round Fruits for the New Year | MyBoysenA famous fruit that put Camiguin Island on the map, the lanzones has a sweet and juicy flesh especially if it’s in season. The tricky part is removing the sticky sap from your fingers once you’re done eating them!

10. Cantaloupes

12 Round Fruits for the New Year | MyBoysenCantaloupes are a type of melon that have a very mild and sweet flavor. Every succulent bite is refreshing and not too overwhelming.

11. Dragonfruits

12 Round Fruits for the New Year | MyBoysenDragonfruits are some of the most visually appealing fruits that you can include in your line up. Its vibrant pink outer layer peels away to a white flesh that can be eaten on its own or blended into a refreshing drink!

12. Kiwis

12 Round Fruits for the New Year | MyBoysenDid you know that kiwi skin is actually edible? It’s full of fiber and antioxidants that’s really good for your immune system. Too bad its fuzzy texture can be hard to swallow.

Some of these fruits not in season yet? You can also try out longans, rambutans, pomegranates, and peaches! Just don’t forget to eat the easily perishable ones first (I’m looking at you, cherries). For the rest, meal prep them as some healthy dessert for the next week or chop them up and make a fruit salad for the whole family to enjoy!

Inspired by these fruity flavors? Try this quiz!

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