Chinese New Year is just around the corner! Have you started prepping your home to usher the new year in? If not, check out this article for a quick and easy guide. Are you ready to be a magnet for health, wealth, and happiness? Pick out your Chinese Zodiac below and find out what your lucky colors are for the Chinese New Year!

Year of the Rat

2024 Lucky Colors for the Chinese New Year (Part 1) | MyBoysenThose born under the year of the Rat will experience a positive uptick in their careers. Whether it’s hustling for that promotion, looking for a better job opportunity, or widening your network, make sure you stay calm and grounded in your office space. Paint your home office with the calming blue hue of Celestial Horizon. 

Year of the Ox

2024 Lucky Colors for the Chinese New Year (Part 1) | MyBoysenThose born under the year of the Ox are known to be diligent and hardworking. For 2024, all that hustle is going to pay off in your career. Keep the energy going by maximizing your office space’s set-up with a more efficient work flow. Use the grounding green hue of Mother Nature for your space to create a cool and collected atmosphere.

Year of the Tiger

2024 Lucky Colors for the Chinese New Year (Part 1) | MyBoysenThis 2024, Tigers are prompted to strive for balance and stability. Avoid making risky investments and take extra good care of your health through exercise, proper diet, and rest. Add a dose of good fortune by incorporating your lucky color, gray, in your living space. For a more sophisticated touch, try Konstrukt Lunar Series in the Kaiser finish.

Year of the Rabbit

2024 Lucky Colors for the Chinese New Year (Part 1) | MyBoysenFor our Rabbits, 2024 is all about romanticizing their lives, surrounding themselves with friends, and focusing on their happiness. Rekindle your childlike wonder and zest for life with the whimsical purple hue. Use the dreamy purple Play Time in your bedroom.

Year of the Dragon

2024 Lucky Colors for the Chinese New Year (Part 1) | MyBoysenIn Ancient China, dragons are considered harbingers of good fortune. Expect big transitions in your life such as a new house or a new business opportunity. Align your space with this bountiful prosperity with a glimmering gold hue like Perlescente Arezzo Base with Perla di Luce Gold.

Year of the Snake

2024 Lucky Colors for the Chinese New Year (Part 1) | MyBoysen2024 will be a very busy year for those born under the year of the Snake. Expect yourself to bloom, flourish even, when it comes to your career and relationships. However, don’t forget to schedule some downtime as well to rest and rejuvenate. Paint your space with an enigmatic inky hue of Dapper Dan. We highly recommend a matte or flat finish like Virtuoso Silk Touch to reduce overhead glares.

Some Final Notes

Don’t see your Chinese zodiac animal here? We’ll be posting part 2 in a few days so do check it out! Follow our Facebook page to get updates on all things Boysen and Let it B. Don’t forget to subscribe the to blog as well to get short and sweet paint and DIY inspirations sent straight to your email. If you have any questions on paints or colors, send us an email at We’re always happy to help. 恭喜发财!


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