There are many useful things to be found on the Boysen website ( It’s the home of the product information guides of the Boysen products and swatches of their readily available colors. But, did you know you can go online shopping there too? You can via the “Buy Online” tab!

Add to Cart! You Can Shop for These Paint Tools on the Boysen Website | MyBoysen

Here are the products you can purchase from the Boysen website. Some of these you can only get from there!

Boysen Color Swatches

How to Use Boysen Paint Color Fan Decks | MyBoysen

We get a ton of requests from both professionals and DIYers for paint color swatches. And yes, there is a way to get your hands on them yourself! There are currently four available Boysen fan decks and you can order them all online via the Boysen website.

There’s the Boysen Color Palette with 1,320 colors, the Boysen Colorizer Series G with 135 colors, the Boysen Medley with 250 colors, and the Virtuoso Fan Deck with 123 colors.

For those new to painting, fan decks are paint swatches collated together. They are a reference tool used most often by interior designers, architects, and professional painters but DIYers can find them helpful too, especially if you paint often.

You will also be able to find digital paint swatches on the Boysen app, of course. But, keep in mind that physical fan decks and swatches are often more reliable when it comes to actual color representation compared to digital swatches. So if you’re going for accuracy, best get yourself a fan deck!

Boysen Color Samples

Test Out a Paint Color: Where to Find Boysen Paint in 200 mL Sizes | MyBoysen

Practical and not to mention super cute too, we won’t blame you if you feel the urge to start collecting these! Boysen sample pots come in 200 mL containers—just the right size to try a color out before committing to it.

A 200 mL paint container can cover approximately 1.25 to 1.50 square meters in one coat. This allows you enough coverage to visualize colors in different lighting conditions and how they will respond to other elements in the space.

On the Boysen website, you can choose from around 380 colors to add to cart as Boysen sample pots. Again, take note that the color you see on the screen may not always be exact representations of the actual hue of the paint. This is due to the difference in devices and screen settings. Delivery is within Metro Manila only as well.

For more color choices, you can also head to Boysen’s The Color Library! There you’ll find more than 1,300 paint swatches which you can have mixed in-store as 200 mL or 1 L paint. Learn more about The Color Library here.

Fuyama Paint Rollers

If you’re going to paint, you’ll need something to paint with. You’re going to need a roller. Include in your cart a few Fuyama rollers, which are exclusively distributed by Boysen, along with your fan decks and paint samples.

Fuyama rollers are durable, lint-free, resistant to shedding, and have a high loading capacity. And, you can use them for water-based, oil-based, and solvent-based coatings.

Tool choice makes a big difference when you’re painting. Low-quality rollers are prone to quicker wear-and-tear and shedding—you’ll find yourself needing to buy a new one mid-project. What’s more, they tend to leave behind fibers on your painted surface—eyesores that you’ll need to pick out and remove.

With good-quality rollers, like Fuyama, your money goes a long way. No finding roller fibers on your new paint coat and no buying new ones halfway through. Unfortunately, delivery for this is within Metro Manila only as well, however.

Ready to add to cart? The Boysen website’s online shop can be found in the “Buy Online” tab at Head directly there by clicking here. Have fun online shopping!

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