The latest Boysen Color Trend 2024-2025 ASCENSION has four color palettes—Awakening, Alchemy, Abundance, and Artistry. We made animated stories for each palette that show the colors, but more importantly, that tell the sentiment behind the color palette. What is the ethos of each palette? This first animated story is for Awakening.

The main character Boyet, a workaholic and star employee, realized that after the nth successful presentation in the office, he was no longer feeling the satisfaction he used to get.

This reminds me of the bricklayer parable of Christopher Wren, the architect commissioned to rebuild St. Paul’s Cathedral in London after the Great Fire of 1666. After 5 years into the project, he stopped to ask three bricklayers what they were doing.

The first replied, “I am a brick layer, working hard to feed my family.” The second offered, “I am a builder. I am building the walls of a church.” The third answered, “I am a cathedral builder. I am a part of building a Kingdom.”

How’s that for perspective? Believe that we all are part of something great, and that we are not just cogs in a wheel.

Valuing each moment of every day is difficult to do. We’ve unlearned that wonder and curiosity as we grow older but we can still see that in children. Just like Boyet who realized that he lost his mojo and the joy he felt about his work, until he saw the children in the park.

Awakening Color Palette

The Awakening color palette is a subtle one, with dark and light neutrals and the sole refreshing warmth of Golden Hour to give it an uplifting vibe.

Color Trend 2024-2025: Awakening Color Palette | MyBoysen

Literally, we usually awaken when the day breaks. That’s how a healthy human circadian rhythm works. Figuratively speaking however, we awaken at any time. It could be AHA moments when we feel crepuscular rays of sunbeams touch our heads like a benediction and we hear the paean of a thousand angels…well, not really. Or it could happen when we have a change of perspective, no matter how slight, and our understanding of the world changes. A shift in mindset can be fortuitous because we can redirect our route to move closer to our purpose in life. Here’s hoping we all find our ikigai.

Personally, the Awakening color palette is a favorite, and the following would be my color story in my home. I’d use the light neutral Calm Mind for the bedroom. For the living and dining room which are social spaces, I would go for Golden Hour and pair it with the creamy Soulful Solace. I would paint the home office with the cool Hazy Dream for that restful vibe to balance the energetic, and maybe stressful, times during work. Quiet Meditations or Grounding will go into outdoor spaces like the terrace for that organic look.

For the color story to work, echo the other hues in the whole house. Check out how painting a color story would look like in a real home. Read this blog post about a pastel house in Scotland.

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