If you visited the Boysen booth in the different trade exhibits this year held in Manila, Cebu, Davao, Pampanga, and Iloilo, you may have noticed in some of them huge murals being painted by visitors using the colors of this year’s Boysen Color Trend Ascension. The murals are 3.4 meters in width and 2 meters in height. Many of our guests need a step stool to reach the upper portions.

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This mural concept called the Boysen Color Stories was introduced in 2019. Each of the four Boysen Color Trend palettes of the year were creatively interpreted by four artists into murals. It was brought back in 2022 and now again in 2024. It is really a crowd pleaser. People get the chance to color the huge illustrations, and at the same time experience the paint palettes up close.

This is the first in four posts that gives a glimpse of the artist behind the mural and his creative process.

The Awakening Palette Mural

Color Trend 2024-2025: ASCENSION | MyBoysen

The Awakening color palette has the subdued and soft colors of dawn, and TJ Fuentes was responsible for making the mural for this palette. Here is the Q&A.

What do you think about the Awakening color palette?

Personally, Awakening is a really interesting palette for two reasons. First, I really like the earth tones, and in fact, wear these tones in my everyday life. It’s not too vibrant but more calming and relaxing to look at. 

Second, Awakening in my understanding is a state where we feel a strong spiritual connection with divine nature, thus making us think more clearly and feel enlightened about our lives.

Describe your creative process for this project.

I usually start by browsing/surfing the net for ideas, innovations, and trends. When I did the mural artwork for Awakening, I did a lot of research and reading as well about symbols that I wanted to use.

I associated the palette with enlightenment, a state where we feel a strong connection with divine nature, so that’s why I chose cosmic/celestial elements for this artwork.

I prioritized the balance and space aspects in the artwork. With all the busyness around us, my goal for this artwork was to offer that balance and space we need to clear our minds, just breathe for a moment, and think about life, think about how lucky we are to be alive and have an opportunity to enjoy the world around us.

I cannot provide doodles or manual sketches because I do everything digitally, like combining elements in the software, and editing as I work through the project.

Choose your top 2 favorite colors from the palette.

My favorite colors in this palette are Soulful Solace and Grounding. The contrast between the two colors is visible, but the combination is soothing. The lightness of Soulful Solace is relaxing and calming. Grounding is a shade of dark brown that I like. I associate brown with security and safety, as brown is often seen as solid like the earth.

What did you feel about the project?

I enjoyed the whole project because I got to read and research a lot like the symbolisms, which I find really fascinating to do. This helped me learn more about the cultures/traditions/religions of other countries. I felt fulfilled when I submitted the project because I was able to finish working on it while learning.

Based on only the colors, what is your favorite color palette for Boysen Color Trend 2024-2025?

My favorite would be the Awakening Palette not because it was assigned to me, but because of the colors themselves. Ask everyone I know; they would say that these are my colors. I wear these colors in my everyday life, I do designs with these tones, and even the things I buy bear these earthy tones.

The Awakening Mural

Move the slider to the left and right to see the black and white and colored versions of TJ’s work. What is exciting about this though is that visitors to the booth follow their own aesthetics when they paint the mural. Also, most people do not know each other but still they seem to work together because the painted mural at the end of the exhibition looks great.

If ever you see our murals in a Boysen booth in upcoming exhibitions, don’t hesitate to approach us and pick up brush and paint. It is a relaxing activity, and can help you catch your breath as you go about the big hall.

The Awakening Animated Video

In case you missed it, we made an animated video for each color palette. For Awakening, you can see the video in this link.

Animated Story For The Color Palette Awakening

TJ Fuentes

Artist Interview For The Mural Of The Awakening Palette | MyBoysen

I asked TJ for his photo and he sends me this quickly. As you can see, he really does love the Awakening color palette.

TJ’s parting words: “I had fun with this project. Maybe we can do or release materials/artworks—but not limited to the current artwork—that’s associated with the palette’s colors and concept. Could be mini postcards or other social media materials for color trends.”

This Boysen Color Trend is for the years 2024 and 2025. We’ve got a ways to go so maybe his wish will come true.

For more about the Awakening palette, click on this link.


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