Make your own wavy groovy mirror by following Bea’s instructions in this video. You’d need some basic carpentry skills. However, you can also have the carpentry part done by someone else if all you want to do is paint.

She made it even more fancy by adding lights around the mirror. This becomes not only a good decor for your hallway but also a means for you to clearly see what you look like before you brave the world. With the lights, it becomes a great feature in your home. It’s like art and mirror all rolled into one, form and function.

Yes, It’s Wavy and Groovy

Bea’s mirror is a homage to the wavy Ultrafragola Mirror designed by Italian architect Ettore Sottsass in 1970, which is all over social media right now. The price comes to a whopping US$10,000, which is eye-watering and out of reach for us mere mortals.

However, this squiggly mirror seems to be a must-have for models and influencers, those who just love to take selfies, or show off their cool pads.

We want a cool pad too but since we can’t afford $10,000 for a mirror, we made one ourselves. Personally, I like our dupe.

What makes this mirror a must-have today?


Curvy shapes in architecture and design are getting to be the rage nowadays. It’s not only curvy furniture and accessories but also building elements like arches that we see more and more. I wrote about this trend in 2021, and it seems to have caught on with an increasing number of homeowners now.

Curves Ahead: The New Wave in Furniture Design

Good Fit for Selfie Takers

Selfies get an instant boost with this mirror because of the lights that give you that healthy glow. The iconic squiggly shape also makes for an interesting element in photos.

An additional plus for the dupe is that you can choose your paint colors and combinations. You don’t have to follow the pale and deep pinks that Bea used.

Ultra Feminine Vibe

The mirror’s curves flatters a woman’s silhouette. What’s not to like about feeling good about yourself before you step out of the house? We all need that boost to our confidence. It’s that instant kind of mood boost that pushes you to live your best life as soon as you step out the door…an affirmation on steroids.

Home Front Makeover

Pinterest Predicts 5 Trends for the Home

I wrote about Pinterest’s 2023 predictions for home trends last March. Number 3 is about a makeover for the front parts of the house. The easiest way to do it is paint it with happy colors.

I suggest that if you ever make a wavy mirror with the pink colors that Bea chose, repaint the hallway with a bright and happy color like yellow. Check out this post for possible yellow color choices. The color that reminds us of sunshine always gives off a cheerful vibe.

To explore the colors that are available, download the Boysen app. This post will give you a clear guide on how to use it.

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