It’s the rainy season once again and you know what that means. Sad girl playlist out. I’m sure you’ve done that at least once, blasting some sad songs and reminiscing while looking at the rain falling hard outside—softly wishing that the rain will wash away the bad memories… it’s not just me, is it? The cold weather brings out the cold blues and it will take more than just a cup of hot chocolate to warm your heart.

Worry not. Mariah Carey said, “I can make it through the rain.” Surely, you can too.

Beat the Cold Blues with These Bedroom Color Ideas

Once the rain falls, make sure that you surround yourself with things that’ll keep you calm amidst the storm. When the comfort of your blanket and your favorite teddy bear don’t work anymore, consider painting your walls afresh. Your bedroom, more than any other day, now becomes your solace to keep you warm and safe. Make sure that it serves you right especially during the wet season.

Bedroom Color Ideas to Get You Through the Rain | MyBoysen
Disclaimer: These colors may not exactly match the actual paint color.

Embrace the healing power of the META palette by painting your walls with its sleekness and warmth. Below you’ll see six relaxing bedroom color ideas to inspire you for your next home makeover. Stay cool and calm and let the raindrops lull you to sleep tonight.

Grey Power

Bedroom Color Ideas to Get You Through the Rain | MyBoysenMake your time worthwhile by kicking off with a new painting project instead of wondering what went wrong all day. People often have a misconception that darker shades make your room look cramped, but it’s actually the other way around. With the right amount of natural light coming in, Voice Command will create a serene ambiance and will help make the space look bigger.

You can also opt for a lighter shade like this one:

Bedroom Color Ideas to Get You Through the Rain | MyBoysen

Staying true to the promise of the META palette, Limitless brings calm and balance to your room. Known as the ultimate neutral color, it helps regulate the mood. If the dominating color in your room is too flashy, use grey to tone it down, and create balance. Grey keeps everything together except your feelings.

See what different versions of grey can do for your home. Read here.

Keep It Cool

Turn down the sound of thunders in your heart and give life to inner peace by covering your walls with the cool shades of green and blue. Green, such as Boundless, evokes a feeling of rest and security, perfect for days when you feel uneasy about the hard rain falling on your roof. While the blue tones of Night Mode and Tokyo by Night reminds you to slow down and relax. Painting your space with these colors can take your mind off of the bad memories. Let the rain fall outside as you rest your soul in your den.

Look at these bedroom inspirations and identify which one compels you to forget about the past hurt, and then splash your walls with that color.

Bedroom Color Ideas to Get You Through the Rain | MyBoysen

Bedroom Color Ideas to Get You Through the Rain | MyBoysen

Bedroom Color Ideas to Get You Through the Rain | MyBoysen

Find your best versions of green and blue by clicking the links.

Warm as Toast

Bedroom Color Ideas to Get You Through the Rain | MyBoysen

As the only warm touch in the META palette, Morning Podcast works incredibly well in bringing together the entirety of the palette. Opposite to the dark tones of grey, coating your walls with this subdued sienna can make large rooms appear cozier and more intimate. There’s no promise that the storm will pass come morning but at least you can sleep your worries away and wake up feeling a lot lighter in this chamber. You can’t force things to work out but you can make the color of your bedroom work for you.

For other color ideas and inspirations for your bedroom, living room, and other areas of your home, subscribe to this blog. For sad playlists and stories, follow my updates. Just kidding! Stay safe, everyone!


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