There are over 50 shades of grey in the universe but the best version of them is balance. In a world where everything seems to be black and white, grey stands still in the middle keeping everything together. Being in the grey area gives you time to think before you act, to think instead of just carelessly saying yes or no. It yearns for neutrality, of objectively weighing both sides before jumping into a decision that might change a life.

In color psychology, grey is the color of compromise. It does not try to stand out against the other colors but complements them or comfortably serves as a backdrop. While it’s a beautiful color on its own, grey is a team player. Interior designers often use it as a regulating color for rooms that are either too bright or too dull. It tones down the strong and illuminates the soft which is why it is the ultimate neutral color.

Rarely do we see brands that have a solid grey logo because it is commonly perceived as boring and too safe. Instead, the hue grey is used to support or enhance the main colors to bring together the overall appeal of the label. There are only a few household names who are able to pull off an all grey logo such as Apple, Mercedes-Benz, and Swarovski, all of which are recognized as classic, refined and long-lasting–that’s what grey radiates when utilized to its full potential.

Grey’s Anatomy

The hue grey can be classified into two equally appealing tones: the warm greys and the cool greys.

TBVH Grey interiors-FA
Warm greys work best in a room where there’s little to no natural light. It gives off a warm and airy atmosphere to the room that makes up for the missing radiance. On the other end of the spectrum, we have the cool greys which are perfect for rooms with limited space but with lots of natural light. It creates a classy and serene look and helps make small spaces look bigger.

Eat, GREY, Love

Here’s to the 9-5 warriors out there! Feast your eyes on 4 grey painting ideas to ponder over for your next home makeover. Because you deserve something beautiful. 

Warm Bodies


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Tune in to your inner peace after a long day in the office. Learn how to balance work and play to keep yourself from losing your fire. Come home to this warm and cozy living space, talk to your mom, and refill your cup to take on new challenges the next day. Choose subdued colored furniture that goes with the relaxed atmosphere of this living room.

The Best Version of Hue: Grey | Palette 1 | Boysen Color

My Art Will Go On


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Office girl by day, artist by night. That’s who you are. Keep the balance between doing something to feed your tummy and one to feed your soul. Paint your reading nook with these different tones of grey for that peaceful and effortless vibe. Let your inner creative take the wheel, or in this case, the brush. 

The Best Version of Hue: Grey | Palette 2 | Boysen Color

Cool Down


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What happens in the workplace, stays in the workplace. Don’t let a bad day ruin masterchef Wednesdays! Bake your favorite chocolate cupcake-never mind the calories-in this comfy kitchen and feel your mood lighten up. Have some more, you deserve it. 

If this hushed kitchen isn’t for you, check out other kitchen painting ideas and find your favorite.

The Best Version of Hue: Grey | Palette 3 | Boysen Color

Hello Darkness, My New Friend


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Don’t make decisions when you’re ecstatic or furious. Calm your heart down first and maybe sleep in this dark chamber. Weigh your options carefully and keep your balance. You’ll wake up the next day feeling recharged and ready to jump into that life-changing career choice. 

The Best Version of Hue: Grey | Palette 4 | Boysen Color

What’s your best version of the hue grey? Comment yours down below! For other versions of hue and interior painting ideas, click here.

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