“…never pick a favorite or one would get jealous,” Vincent Eco said when we asked him what’s his favorite song in his album.

He treats his songs as if they’re his children. But if I had to pick one, it would be Kiss and Disappear, the title track of his debut album. When I first heard it on Spotify, I immediately felt the desire to save it, put my earphones on, and disappear. Little did I know, he’ll take me on a seesaw of emotions, of accepting lost love and holding on to an unsavable relationship.

Based in Cebu City, Vincent Eco is a Graphic Designer by day and a musician by night.  He was introduced to music by his father who was also a musician. He loves music and playing in front of people. It’s in his blood.

Vincent’s Inspiration

Like a true artist, “everything around me, my experiences, other people’s experiences or stories or even the movies I watch,” serve as inspiration. Vincent’s unique sound is a cross between indie-folk and soft rock. He has a distinct and poignant voice that is unlike anything out there. If you love listening to Bon Iver, Bob Dylan, Sufjan Stevens, and Harry Styles, you would appreciate Vincent Eco’s intimately emotional tunes.

What sets him apart from other breakthrough indie acts is his honesty and his ability to easily convey his emotions through his music, which is rarely heard in the industry. His straightforwardness transcends his music as he opens up about the challenges that come with being a budding indie musician, “I think the financial aspect is what’s difficult, the value of the art you present to people and if they wanna get involve or support your art…. I’m really thankful that there is a platform [like] Boysen Beats to give opportunities to us artists to showcase our music to people.”

Vincent Eco’s Kiss and Disappear is worthy of your attention.

His debut album Kiss and Disappear centers around the idea that heartbreaks are not just avoidable but part of living, especially falling in love. He takes you on the life cycle of love. He starts with my favorite track Kiss and Disappear, his daring and carefree spirit showing. Even though there’s no promise of a happy ending in love, you still take the plunge anyway. He continues to serenade you with Falling, Ramona, and Last Oath, showing what it feels like to fall in love and have the willingness to wait for the one you love. “I know everything’s gonna be fine,” once in a while, you’d hear hope in his tunes like with Chasing Happiness. Then, Eco hits you with I Know You Do, Make You Stay, Please Don’t Let Me Go, and Fire –all equally beautiful but painful to listen to. His pleading voice opens up all wounds that weren’t fully healed.

We Don’t Talk and Human are the emotional core of the album, baring his true feelings and embracing the sadness that comes with love. You’d instinctively feel the need to cry as he wails, “When I showed you my feelings you just ran away.” Sometimes, you’d be comforted with his reassuring voice in Human. “Sometimes it’s okay to laugh. Sometimes it’s okay to cry. Sometimes you fail ‘cause sometimes you try. Sometimes it’s okay to be true. Sometimes it’s okay to be you.”

His album reflects his willingness to embrace his emotions, whether it’s hopeful or sad. He wants his fans to do the same. He said, “I [want to] let them know that it’s okay if you are feeling sad or lonely or if you just had a bad breakup, we [have felt] the same way at some point, but all of this will soon pass and you will be alright.” He comforts you with the idea that love hurts until it doesn’t anymore. Then, you start over again and play Kiss and Disappear.

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Yasmin Aguila is a copywriter at Boysen Paints Philippines. Interested in making paints fun and relatable, she produces quizzes and painting ideas for this blog. She claims that she is obsessed with yellow, but she always dresses in black from head to toe.

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