Listen up, coffee addicts! Level up your coffee corner with easy DIY floating shelves to show off your must-have coffee gadgets and accessories. Here’a a video tutorial for you.

Pinoys and Their Coffee

You’d think that with the proliferation of coffee chains in the country, most Pinoys would go for the brewed variety. But no, majority of the Filipinos still prefer their instant coffee.  It all started with the first drop of Blend 45, the first locally produced instant coffee in the Philippines. For those who want a sugar rush, there’s 3 in 1 coffee.

The wired world has brought to us the many ways that coffee can be brewed. From the instant coffee that many of us use to dunk our pan de sal, (a truly satisfying thing to do, by the way), to the third-, fourth- or fifth- wave coffee, that has been brewed by an award-winning barista, we seem to have elevated the roasting and brewing of coffee to an art. And the drinking? Well, many of us have made imbibing coffee into a ritual.

Coffee Corner: Easy DIY Floating Shelves | MyBoysen

Give Your Coffee a Home

If you’re a coffee lover, chances are you already have a place for your coffeemaker, machine, moka pot, French press, or whatever. Unless you are a purist and drink your coffee black, you’d also most probably have the gadgets, containers, and other ingredients to make your very own special cuppa.

A simple way would be to commandeer some space on the kitchen counter for your coffee stuff. That could work well for people who want to have everything on hand, within easy reach, and in full display.

Coffee Corner: Easy DIY Floating Shelves | MyBoysen

There are those among us too who think less is more. If you’ve got the money, then DON’T flaunt it and buy yourself a built in coffee machine so that hardly anything disturbs the sleek arrangement of well-fitted cabinet doors.

DIY Coffee Corner

Floating shelves are a good way to clean up the clutter on the coffee counter. The advantages to open shelves are, first, things you would need for your coffee ritual are within easy reach, and second, when curated properly, these become part of the home decor. Just make sure you are the tidy type before you opt for open shelves. These would require also regular cleaning especially in our cities.

For the wooden shelves, Boysen Xyladecor was used as a primer. It can be applied to wood surfaces found inside or outside the house. In this DIY project, it is also used as a wood stain. The product’s wood preserving properties prevent the growth of mold and fungi. Its excellent sealing properties protects the wood.

Hudson Timbercoat was used as a topcoat. Read more about the product in this link.

For more info about the products, please visit the Boysen website ( and do a search on the upper right of the page.

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