In our last post on DECORe Classic, we were able to breeze through all the things you need to know about the product. As a refresher, BOYSEN DECORe Classic is a unique, water-based decorative paint system that can simulate the complex and exquisite textures of European-like architecture in your own home. This time around, let’s take our time to truly appreciate the beautiful shades that DECORe Classic comes in.

We have three recommended ratios for you to try out in your home: 1/4 Toner, 1/2 Toner, and 1 Full Toner. These are mixed into 4-Liter cans of DECORe Classic Base.

B-4771 Soft Red

DECORe Classic Colors: A Closer Look | MyBoysen

The Soft Red toner of DECORe Classic turns into a beautiful coral hue when mixed into the DECORe Classic base. Use this bright pop of color in key areas such as your home’s foyer.

B-4763 Bright YellowDECORe Classic Colors: A Closer Look | MyBoysen

Don’t ask me why this toner is called Bright Yellow when it mixes into a pastel shade of orange. Nonetheless, we recommend these hues for spaces such as home offices.

B-4772 Brick Red

DECORe Classic Colors: A Closer Look | MyBoysenCreate an accent along the major wall of your dining room with the shades of Brick Red. Wow your dinner guests not just with a sumptuous feast for the belly but a feast for the eyes as well.

B-4762 Medium Yellow

DECORe Classic Colors: A Closer Look | MyBoysenWake up to the bright, sunshine hue of Medium Yellow. Paint this along the walls of your breakfast nook for an extra pep to your step for the rest of the day.

B-4780 Brown

DECORe Classic Colors: A Closer Look | MyBoysenThe latte-inspired shades of DECORe Classic Brown creates a sense of groundedness and balance. Use these shades for areas that are meant for unwinding, like reading nooks and meditation spaces.

B-4730 Light GrayDECORe Classic Colors: A Closer Look | MyBoysen

Hallways are, more often than not, forgotten spaces. Add some extra oomph into these places by using the minimalist Light Gray hues. DECORe Classic’s textured surface adds a touch of uniqueness to these mild colors.

B-4750 Dark GreenDECORe Classic Colors: A Closer Look | MyBoysen

Don’t try to hide it. I know you have a plant corner (or room!) in your house. Give your plant babies the highlight they deserve by painting your gardening nook with the calming green hues of DECORe Classic Dark Green.

B-4741 Aqua BlueDECORe Classic Colors: A Closer Look | MyBoysen

DECORe Classic’s Aqua Blue lends a fun, light teal shade that is best suited for creative spaces. Whether you’re working on a painting, a sculpture, or writing a book, stay positive and openminded with these hues!

B-4742 Light BlueDECORe Classic Colors: A Closer Look | MyBoysen

Do you have a wee bundle of joy coming in soon? Paint your baby’s nursery with the light, calming shades of Light Blue. This color has been proven time and again to aid in sleep and relaxation. Just what mommy and baby need!

B-4743 Deep BlueDECORe Classic Colors: A Closer Look | MyBoysen

There are days when you want nothing more to do except to sink into your sofa and binge-watch some movies. Create an extra cozy living space with the hues of DECORe Classic Deep Blue.

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